I was known for my 'raccoon' dark circles – they’ve practically gone thanks to a £7 Boots’ buy, it’s saved my life | The Sun

A BEAUTY fanatic has shared how a budget-friendly bargain buy helped to banish her dark 'raccoon-like' eye circles.

From genetics to fatigue and even your bone structure, there are many causes responsible for dark circles, and screen strain – on average, we spend more than 3 hours a day scrolling on phones – certainly doesn't help either.

But whilst there are a number of products in the market and hacks that promise to tackle the common issue, one woman recently shared what changed her life.

TikTok user and beauty fanatic Ohaji, from London, the UK, said that she used to struggle with ''the worst dark circles known to mankind'' before discovering the affordable find.

The young woman said that one fellow schoolmate even compared them to dark ''raccoon'' eyes, a comment which she claimed led to a fight.

However, them she stumbled across The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone – and it's changed her life.



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The nifty buy, which sells for £7.40 at Boots and ASOS, boasts a powerful formula, that's ''been shown to help reverse multiple signs of skin ageing while brightening the skin when applied topically''.

What's more, The Ordinary claimed, your skin will also be left feeling extra smooth and silky – and the relatively low price makes it the perfect pick for upping your skincare game on a budget.

According to the cult favourite brand, which also sells their products online, The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone is to be applied in the morning or the evening – the latter is prefered.

Praising the product, Ohaji, who posts under the username @ohxjiii, said that ever since using it her ''life has been amazing''.

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When it comes to applying it, the young woman reminded that ''a little goes a long way'' and you can do so with a cotton bud, as she demonstrated in the clip.

Ohaji warned: ''I'm not going to lie to you, it is very harsh. I'll say start off with a small dose […] cause it can burn.


''Get it girls.''

The £7.40 skincare must-have has also been loved by happy customers online, who've left a positive four-star rating.

One beauty fanatic said: ''I have been using this for approx 2 months and love it, my skin is scarred and pitted from blemishes and this has really helped to even out and fill the pits.

''It stings a little, don’t get near eyes or mouth, but leaves my skin smooth and glowing when I wake up.''

A second penned: ''I loved this product. Showed my partner and he uses now too, leaves skin soft and not shiny.''

''I love this product. It really evened out my face. I also love that it’s texture is lightweight and not greasy,'' someone else chimed in.

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''I bought this few weeks ago, used it every night and some days too and I see no change in my skin whatsoever.,'' a Boots' shopper wasn't impressed.

''Also it taste very sour, like strong lemon if anyone is kissing your face they should be warned…''

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