I tried every Greggs sweet treat – the milk chocolate cookie got 8/10 but something got 5 – can you guess my favourite? | The Sun

A FOODIE has revealed which is the best sweet treat you can pick up from Greggs – and one that scored a mere 5/10.

From their vegan sausage rolls to steak bakes, the high street bakery chain Greggs is a staple for many – but are their sweet treats any good?

Here to help you pick the best choice is food lover Emily Jade, who tried every single baked goodie, including their famous cookies and Belgian Buns.


The foodie, who posts under the username @emiiyjade , started off the video strong, giving the Greggs' classic Glazed Ring Doughnut a high 9/10 rating.

Meanwhile, the Sugar Strand Doughnut, which is a little over 200kcal, was given a more average 7/10, whilst their Jam Doughnut – a favourite for many – scored an impressive nine stars.

Once Emily had enjoyed a little bite of some doughnut, it was time to move on to the pastries – and in her eyes, the Belgian Bun was so gross she didn't even give it a rating.

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The Apple Danish, which had been topped off with a mouth-watering glaze, was another rather average – but still enjoyable – item, which received seven stars.

Fancy trying out their new range in time for Halloween? Then you'll be pleased to know that Emily quite enjoyed their Spooky Doughnut.

Packed with sour apple jam and topped off with a sweet orange glaze, the Greggs' fan gave it 7/10.

Amongst her tops picks were also their Chocolate Doughnut (9/10), the Pink Jam Doughnut (9.5/10), as well as the Caramel Doughnut (9.5/10).

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''This is so good,'' the foodie couldn't get over the sweetness of the baked treats.


Who doesn't love a gooey cookie as a quick afternoon snack with a cup of coffee or tea?

If that sounds a bit like you then best get racing to Greggs – the bakery's cookies all received a high score.

The Triple Chocolate Cookie, for example, was given nine stars, whilst the White Chocolate Cookie scored a little lower – 8/10 – and so did the Milk Chocolate Cookie.

Although aesthetically pleasing, their Jam Heart Cookie didn't perform as well, as Emily gave it a mere 7.5 stars.

''It's good but I'm not a big shortbread fan,'' she explained.

One of the lowest scoring items was their new Bat Cookie – the baked treat, which is essentially gingerbread covered in chocolate – was given a humbling 5/10.

''It feels wrong.''

Muffins and pastries

Whilst eating her way through the pile of food, Emily urged others to not sleep on Greggs' Yum Yums – this landed at the top of the list with an impressive 10/1.0.

Meanwhile, the Sticky Toffee Muffin, which was given 8.5/10, was good – but a little too sickly for Emily's taste.

The Double Chocolate Muffin, on the other hand, was ''unreal'', scoring a whopping 9/10.

The new range also includes a Halloween Spooky Bun – but despite the adorable sprinkles, this was another pretty average item, receiving just 7.5/10.

Emily also tried out their Pink Tottenham Cake, a secret item that can only be purchased in South East.

The light sponge tray bake with a raspberry and coconut icing on top was another firm favourite, with the foodie scoring it nine stars.

Amongst some of the worst-scoring baked items was Greggs' Custard Slice – this treat received a very humbling 5/10.

The Iced Finger, however, is a safe choice when you don't know what to pick – Emily gave it eight stars.

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Whilst shopping at the bakery, Emily also picked up their Chocolate Éclair which she had never tried before – and luckily, it was a great choice, receiving 9/10.

The last three items included a Brownie Slice (8/10), a Caramel Shortbread (9/100, as well as a festive treat – Mince Pie – which Emily gave a mere six stars.

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