Doctor says why Kate Garraways husband Derek has been so ill after Covid and heart attack

Doctors have revealed why Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper has been so unwell following his recent heart attack, after he suffered from Covid.

After fighting Covid in 2020, Derek has faced numerous health problems including brain swelling, and issues with his kidneys, liver, and pancreas. The Good Morning Britain presenter's husband is now said to be fighting for his life after falling ill again last Monday, causing friends and family to worry about his condition.

Kate has now cancelled all her work commitments across TV and radio to look after Derek and it is expected that she will spend Christmas by her husband's bedside in hospital after he suffered a "massive heart attack".

After first contracting Covid three years ago, Derek spent 13 months in hospital which made him one of the UK's longest-suffering Covid patients, before being taken home in April 2021.

Dr Gareth Nye, a lecturer of physiology at Chester Medical School, has said that while Derek's condition is unusually severe, many people with Covid end up with long term symptoms.

The doctor told The Mirror: โ€œAfter any Covid infection regardless of hospitalisation or treatment, your risk of having a cardiovascular event (eg heart attack or stroke) is significantly higher in the 12 months that follow.

โ€œLong-term lung issues are also seen due to the damage from the infection along with long-term changes to your immune system, leading to increased risk of autoimmune diseases (over 40 per cent more likely).โ€

He added: โ€œWe know that the Covid virus impacts the cardiovascular system and does increase your risks of clots which can lead to heart attacks and organ failure. [Derek's] start certainly isn't isolated but remains quite uncommon compared with the vast numbers of people who have been infected with the virus, even multiple times.โ€

Derek, who shares children Darcey, 17, and 14-year-old Billy with wife Kate, has been in and out of hospital many times over the past few years.

Earlier this week, Kate Garraway's co-star has shared a worrying update about Derek Draper, saying he "is not in a good way".

Her colleague, Smooth FM Breakfast presenter Jenni Falconer, spoke to listeners on Tuesday morning, 19 December. She said: โ€œOn behalf of everyone here at Smooth we're sending lots of love and Smooth best wishes to our very own Kate Garraway. Kate's husband Derek as we all know has been struggling with long-lasting damage since he suffered from covid and it doesn't look good at the moment. it doesn't look like he's in a good way.โ€

"So we're sending lots of love to Kate, Derek and the family… especially at this time of the year."

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