Big Brothers Farida says game plan was success – despite being first evicted

Big Brother star Farida Khalifa has revealed what her game plan was in the house – and how it worked.

The housemate was the first to be evicted from the series after it returned to screens on ITV. Since leaving the house, she has opened up about her game plan and she doesn't care who hears it.

Farida told The Sun: “I set out what I wanted to achieve and that was to gain followers and to grow my business. I said to them ‘You should have a purpose’ and it made them feel threatened.”

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Some of her housemates accused her of trying to boost her business whilst in the house – and she's come out to say that was in fact what she was trying to do.

Farida also told the publication how the housemates have a lot of alcohol and aren't actually restricted. She said: “They get alcohol most evenings.

“Because I don’t drink I don’t really understand amounts. But Olivia was given a bottle of Prosecco. But I didn’t think ‘god they’re drunk’. They’re not rolling about.”

Olivia has also been branded the show's "biggest game player", which may mean Farida wasn't the only one to have a strategy. Daily Star's Big Brother columnist Nicola McLean said: "I think Olivia is playing a game. She's clearly watched a lot of reality TV and she's trying to get airtime.

"She's trying to be in the middle of things and rub people up the wrong way. I think she really is playing a game and wants to be famous, and that's fine, not a lot of people really go in there for the experience anymore but I think you can really tell with her.

"She's definitely watched a lot of reality TV and she's trying to play and trying to give us that. You know, like the first night when she was put up for eviction and she rudely kicked off and was a total brat."

"And you know, totally by accident from Jenkin, because he didn't know what BB was going to do. And even if he had put her up, they had only spent an hour or something together. Her reaction was so embarrassing and made me like him even more because that's a horrible situation."

Big Brother airs Sunday to Thursday on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10pm

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