Youve been cooking pasta wrong as food experts share five common mistakes

Pasta is a dish loved by billions across the globe.

It's one of those foods you can whip up in no time which still tastes amazing every single time. There's so many various sauces and kinds of pastas out there to match your tastebuds.

But while you're cooking the Italian delicacy frequently, you might be getting it wrong this whole time. Now to mark National Pasta Day on October 17, we want to make sure you nail it in the kitchen.

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According to the food experts from, there could be certain blunders you're making when cooking up a storm. From washing off the flavour to using the wrong pasta, here are five common mistakes.

1. Too saucy

While a lot of sauce can make it extra juicy, the Italians like to just coat the pasta, but not smother it. So it's important to cook in a frying pan large enough to toss the drained pasta and sauce to really keep tabs of how much should be added.

2. Ratios are all over the place

When cooking any dish, it's important to get the right ingredients and ratios. So first up, it's crucial to cook the pasta in loads of salted boiling water and a pan big enough to accommodate it.

Pasta needs a lot of room as it expands while cooking, otherwise it might stick together. Stir the good stuff once you add it to the boiling water to prevent it from clumping.

3. Goodbye flavours

There's no point cooking a plate of pasta if you're not getting the flavours right and one mistake people make is rinsing the carb after it's cooked. Doing that means you'll wash off the starch which helps the sauce cling to the pasta.

You'll also rinse away the pasta flavour.

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4. Your sauce and pasta don't match

Spending little time choosing the right type of pasta for your sauce makes all the difference in the world. Everyone knows bolognaise goes with spaghetti but anything else could get confusing.

Spaghetti, linguine and fettuccine also work well with creamy sauces. Short, tubular pasta are dreamy with vegetable sauces. While wide ribbons and pasta with ridges pair perfectly with a meaty ragu.

5. Overdone it with the cooking time

Cooking perfectly al dente pasta is a balancing act. It should be cooking through but still have a slight firmness to it. Check the pasta about a minute before the timer is set to end.

It should be chewy and have a uniform colour. Overcooked pasta becomes mushy and no one wants that…

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