Simple £3 hack banishes condensation in homes – and saves money on bills

The UK weather is getting seriously chilly right now.

It's a lot darker in the mornings and feels even more difficult to leave our beds right now. But nowadays it seems as though the windows are covered in condensation.

In recent weeks, we've seen a lot of handy tricks which could beat mould and condensation in homes. And experts even shared the exact temperature to keep homes too.

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Now if you want to tackle the cold without racking up hundreds on your energy bill, here's a handy tip. Having regular ventilation could be the answer to your prayers.

It's also worth beefing up the heating protection on your windows to give them an extra layer. You can purchase window insulation film for around £3 on Amazon.

You could put this on your windows to gain an extra layer of protection from lower temperatures. The transparent film forms a heat-insulating air cushion adding an extra moisture-proofing layer to windows.

And the window draft excluder effectively reduces condensation forming on the window panel. If your house is better insulated then the damp spots will be less of a problem.

But if you do start to find mould lurking in your home, bleach could work. All you have to do is mix four parts of water with some bleach then scrub it around the area.

Alternatively, you could try other methods to keep your home free from the black stuff.

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Looking for more tips to beat condensation in winter? Previously, we revealed how you've been airing out your homes all wrong.

It's worth ventilating out your home in a bid to remove excess moisture in the air. If you've still got moisture, it's worth getting the cloth out.

We also revealed other tips to banish mould home your home this winter. This includes wiping surfaces to a savvy cooking tip.

It's always important to get to the root of what is causing the moisture to build up.

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