Larry David Confronted Elon Musk at a Wedding Over Voting Republican: Do You Just Want to Murder Kids in Schools?

Walter Isaacson’s new Elon Musk biography reveals an alleged altercation between the Twitter/X owner and comedian Larry David that took place at Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel’s wedding last year in Saint-Tropez, France. The event took place just a few days after the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, in which 19 children and two teachers were killed. David and Musk were seated at the same wedding table.

Isaacson writes that David “seemed to be fuming” and went up to Musk and asked him, “Do you just want to murder kids in schools?” (via Insider). Musk was allegedly “baffled” and “annoyed” and said, “No, no. I’m anti-kid murder.”

“Then how could you vote Republican?” David reportedly asked Musk.

David confirmed the incident to Isaacson, explaining in the book, “[Musk’s] tweets about voting Republican because Democrats were the party of division and hate were sticking in my craw. Even if Uvalde never happened, I probably would have brought it up, because I was angry and offended.”

Variety has reached out to Musk’s representative for comment.

Elsewhere in the book, Issacson reveals that Musk turned down Emmanuel’s $100 million offer for Twitter. Emanuel, in a three-paragraph text sent on the Signal encrypted messaging app, proposed that he and Endeavor would run Twitter (which is now called X). Musk rejected Emanuel’s offer out of hand. According to Isaacson’s book, Jared Birchall, who serves as managing director of the entity housing Musk’s financial assets, called Emanuel’s text “the most insulting, demeaning, insane message.”

An Endeavor spokesperson declined to comment.

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