Princess Kate traveled by helicopter while her husband did environmentalist cosplay

Chris Jackson is Prince William and Kate’s preferred event photographer. Jackson is married to one of Kate’s staffers and he dutifully airbrushes most of Kate’s photos to the point where she looks Yassified at all times. Jackson was hired by the Invictus Games to be one of their accredited photographers, taking behind-the-scenes pics and action photos of the competitors. There was a theory going around Sussex Twitter that Jackson was taking lovely photos of Harry and Meghan and then he buried the pics and refused to give them to Getty. All of which to say, I think Chris Jackson was exhausted from traveling to Dusseldorf for Invictus, and that’s why he seemingly wasn’t in Somerset on Monday to Photoshop the Princess of Wales’s photos. When other photographers shoot her, you can really tell that they’re not married to someone on Kate’s staff. To be fair, the lighting was doing Kate no favors. To be fair, that janky wig is doing her no favors either. She must have stapled that bitch on to keep it from flying away.

I’m including more photos from Kate’s day trip to the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton on Monday. The new pics are somehow even worse, she looks like she hasn’t slept in days and she’s been living on cigarettes and herbal supplements. Meanwhile, the Daily Express actually reported that Kate arrived at the station via royal helicopter. You mean to tell me that William flew all the way to New York to do environmentalist cosplay, all while Kate took a gas-guzzling helicopter for an event which could have been reached by train or car?

As for those “fart-face” photos, there’s video too. Kate was surprised by the speed and size of the inflatable vest, thus she made some cartoonishly awkward faces.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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