An ice cream man tried to scam my kid – I took matters into my own hands

Rather than simply accepting the situation, she sought justice and enacted a clever plan to disrupt the ice cream van’s sales in her neighborhood.

Receiving incorrect change can be frustrating, but deliberately shortchanging a child is an entirely different offense.

The mother’s retaliatory action involved purchasing ice creams from a local shop and distributing them to the children in her community, effectively competing with the ice cream van.

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Sharing her tale on Reddit, she recounted her calculated revenge. She said: “My child eagerly ran outside to buy an ice cream from the ice cream man. However, my little one returned feeling disappointed.

“When I inquired about the matter, she explained, ‘I asked for my change, but the ice cream man gave me a lollipop instead and drove away before I could say anything.’ My child isn’t fond of lollipops, and even if she were, it still wouldn’t have been a fair exchange.”

Undeterred by this injustice, the mother took action. She recounted: “So, I decided to drive to Costco and purchase several boxes of ice cream bars. Over the next few weeks, my child shared these ice creams with all the kids in our neighborhood. In doing so, my child made new friends, and during that time, no one on our side of the neighborhood bought from the ice cream man.”

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Not only did the mother successfully seek retribution against the greedy vendor, but her daughter also benefited by forging new friendships.

The mother further shared: “An unintended consequence of our actions was that when we eventually ran out of ice cream bars, other parents started contributing snacks for the children who played outside.”

The mother’s clever response garnered admiration from others, with one Redditor expressing: “Receiving a lollipop in exchange for change? Absolutely unacceptable! How do lollipops and ice cream even compare?”

Another commenter playfully remarked: “Your child is a genius: she managed to keep the change, pocket an extra lollipop, and convinced you to buy additional ice cream.”

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