I live in an off-grid cabin in the Rocky Mountains at 11,600 ft – showering is a process but I have clean, warm water | The Sun

LIVING off-the-grid comes with some challenges – but one Rocky Mountain resident has shared how she doesn't mind roughing it.

After all, who needs the convenience of a modern shower when you have scenic views?

The outdoorsy living adventurer showed just what it takes to get washed up in the wilderness.

"It's morning, I want to take a shower, so I'm going to show you guys how I do that up here on my land at 11,600 feet in the Rocky Mountains," explained Stella Sedona (@stellasedona) of her secluded living situation.

After watching a five-gallon bucket get filled with water, she stated how she planned to bring it down to the cabin.

For those who might not be aware of what remote living requires, the mountain dweller demonstrated how the water comes out of a pipe that is connected to a spring higher up in the mountain.

There was one more thing she credited her successful shower to: "We use the magic of gravity."

Next up in the process, Stella's partner poured some water into a pot on top of a portable stove.

She explained how after it gets hot enough, "we will mix it in with the cold, cold mountain water."

The extra steps might have seemed daunting for some, but at least one follower thought the Colorado mountain range made up for the difficulties.

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"Beautiful. The scenery too of course," one such viewer of the makeshift shower process said.

"If you open this up more, this lets more through – of course, this is also your valve control here," her mountain man said showing off how to get the water to come out of the previously filled container.

With temperatures rising to 90 degrees, Stella seemed happy to finally be taking her outdoor – but fully functioning – shower with clean, warm water and some flow of course.

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