Watch the hilarious moment dad realises the huge mistake he made with the Tooth Fairy after having a few drinks | The Sun

A DAD has been left fuming after making a huge mistake with the Tooth Fairy following a few drinks. 

Derek Lipp took to his social media page to share the hilarious moment and it left parents everywhere in hysterics. 

The clip started with Derek sitting in his reclining chair, appearing to watch TV.

His child’s voice could then be heard from down the hall, saying: “Dad, I got 110 bucks [£90] from the Tooth Fairy!” 

Confused, Derek told his little one that he must be mistaken as the Tooth Fairy put down a significantly less amount underneath the pillow.

“You didn’t get $110. It’s $20 [£16.39], two $10 [£8.20] bills,” he explained.

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But his child was insistent that they counted money correctly as they shouted back: “Yes I did, look!” 

Coming into the room, the child showed Derek the money he found underneath his pillow, to which he responded: “Is that actually 100?”

When his child said yes, he sprung up out of his chair and stormed into the kitchen to look inside his wallet. 

Slamming the wallet back down, he swore to himself, saying: “S**t,” before telling his child: “I think the Tooth Fairy was drinking last night…”

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In the caption, YouTuber @dereklipp_ added: “I had a few drinks,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

People couldn’t help but laugh at the situation as they took to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: “He’s mad because he knows he ain’t getting that $100 back!” alongside a crying with laughter emoji.

Another shared: “The fact that my guy still held it in enough to blame the “Fairy” to this kid. Mad respect.” 

A third argued that the amount Derek intended to put under the pillow was high to begin with as they shared: “the fact the kid gets 20 for a tooth is unreal”. 

“Bro got drunk but still remember to put money under pillow for his son, respect him,” a fourth said. 

While a fifth added: “He may have lost a 100 bucks but that kid will never forget that moment for the rest if his life…worth every dollar of that 100…”

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