My group Christmas gifts are great for co-workers and neighbors – they're under $10 from Target and Bath & Body Works | The Sun

TAKE the hard work out of Christmas and get someone else to come up with your gift ideas.

That's what one woman is doing and she has pulled together a group of Christmas gifts.

It's ideal for co-workers and neighbors and is under $10 from Target and Bath & Body Works.

This is going to be a win-win for busy people at this time of year.

Kaycee Greer (@thegiftstagram) should know what she is talking about.

Her TikTok is devoted to the art of gift giving and in the process has grown an audience of 49,000.

“Making gift-giving easier," she said. "Giving tips, guides and more.”

In this post, she was responding to a plea for help from a follower: “Would love more ideas for a group of co-workers," they said.

Kaycee got to work straight away, and her suggestions will not break the bank.

“Christmas gifts under $10. Great for co-workers, friends, neighbors, and more," she said.

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Then continued: "This is such an easy, fun festive gift to give this holiday season.”

Her method was production-style. She laid out each gift one at a time, then started all over again.

Once she was done, she took time to present the packages with some string and festive ribbons.

Christmas Holly Kitchen Towels – $3

Each co-worker received a festive-themed towel from Target.

Gentle & Clean Hand Foaming Soap – $7.95

Next to be added was a bottle each of Gentle & Clean Hand Foaming Soap, from Bath & Body Works.

Christmas Cookie Cutter – $1

Seasonally-themed cookie cutters were added to the pile next.

She went for a snowflake shape, but there were other Christmassy shapes available from Target.

Kaycee spent time on the presentation, using raffia, ribbons, and bells, to create a perfect Christmas package.

Commenters were feeling inspired.

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“I love your ideas. I am stuck on gift ideas for a few people but your ideas could work," said this person.

This person certainly liked it: “Very cute. Presentation is everything.”

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