Dubai millionaire shares the 8 things he 'expects' from his wife, including not cooking & only wearing designer outfits | The Sun

A MILLIONAIRE living in Dubai has shared what his expectations are for his stay at home wife.

Risky Ricky shared his set of rules via a video on his TikTok channel where he shares insights into his lavish lifestyle.

His wife Linda, who calls herself the Original Dubai Housewife on TikTok also often shares details of their life together, including how much money Ricky spends on her every week.

Sharing a clip of the couple eating at a fancy restaurant Ricky explained that his first expectation for his wife is that she never cooks and only dines out.

Next, he shared a clip of his wife out shopping and said that his second expectation is that she only wears designer clothes.

Sharing another clip of the pair on a shopping spree together Ricky added that his wife is not allowed to shop without him.

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In the next clip, Ricky showed another swanky restaurant before stating his wife is only allowed to dine at five star establishments.

Ricky then shared a clip of his wife in an elegant black dress, and said she can only wear Chanel.

His next demand is that she doesn't do her makeup by herself and only gets it done by professionals.

In a second video, Ricky shared more of the demands he has for his wife.

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These include making him "cute babies", never paying a bill and being adventurous with him.

TikTok users rushed to the comments section of Ricky's video's to share their thoughts on the couple's relationship.

Some people praised Ricky for spending so much money on his wife, with one user saying: "These are the standards I like" and another commenting: "The perfect husband".

However, some people criticised the couple's materialistic attitude to life.

One user said: "Personally, I find a different kind of beauty and connection in having home cooked meals with my partner compared to always going out."

Another added: "I will love my husband even if he doesn't give me anything luxurious. I just want his love, care, respect and time."

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