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WITH the kids back at school and the holiday season over, now’s the chance to take advantage of having a little more free time and indulge in some self-care. 

And to give you a helping hand, a certified health coach has shared the six tips she swears by to help you glow up within a week. 

Valerie Ribon is a US-based healthy-living aficionado, who regularly shares tips on how to look and feel great with her 140,000 followers on TikTok. 

“Wellness things take a while,” she told followers in the caption, “but I summed up my favs that work QUICKLY”. 

Her first tip is grass-fed tallow, which you can pick up for around £6 on eBay. 

The balm naturally contains retinol – the active ingredient in a lot of pricy skincare – and other compounds that help reduce inflammation, making it perfect to use under the eyes to get rid of any puff. 

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The fitness fanatic’s next suggestion, to help achieve a flat tummy and sleep better, is eating pineapple after dinner each night. 

The tropical fruit is packed with both digestive enzymes which help you break down food overnight and reduce any unpleasant bloating, and melatonin, a hormone which helps reset your circadian rhythm for improved snoozing. 

For dark under-eye circles, she recommends grass-fed multi-organ capsules. 

The tablets are packed full of key nutrients which help with energy levels and iron production, meaning they “seriously work”, says Valerie. 

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Her fourth tip is to tackle water retention: the uncomfortable swelling feeling which can be brought on by eating too much processed food, hormonal fluctuations or not getting enough shut-eye. 

Valerie swears by adding 1/4 teaspoon of tartar and 1/4 of sea salt to a juice, which should help your body to quickly de-puff. 

To get long lashes, her fifth recommendation is to buy an empty mascara tube and fill it with castor oil, which you can pick up in Asda for less than a fiver. 

The oil contains an acid that many believe stimulates hair growth, as well as moisturising properties which coats lashes in a protective, conditioning layer so that they appear glossy and dense. 

It also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which helps to ensure strong, healthy follicles that prevent breakage and aid hair repair. 

Her final suggestion, for what she calls “good vibes”, is to take herbal capsules containing astragalus and ashwagandha. 

The former reduces cortisol – the hormone that causes stress – by up to 27 per cent and both help to speed up metabolism when taken over time. 

The informative clip racked up a massive 200,000 views, with users claiming that the salubrious advice had transformed their wellbeing. 

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“I’m so happy I found your page!” one wrote. “I’ve been in fight or flight my entire life until recently and can’t lose weight and I just know it’s cortisol.” 

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