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A PLUS-SIZE fashion influencer wants us to get back to the basics.

A fan of re-wearing her items in a newly styled way, she shared her guidelines for making the most out of your wardrobe this season and dressing for your body.

Although her prowess in styling has always been an inherent part of her identity, Nikki Levario (@nikkiluuuu1) knows many women of her size don't know where to begin.

That’s why she started sharing her advice on TikTok.

“I wanted to make sure body types like mine were included in conversations about fashion,” she told The U.S. Sun.

“Friends would always ask me for fashion advice, or where I shopped, and I feel like a lot of people just don’t know how to dress for their bodies. That’s where I come into play.”

Usually a size 20-22, she leans toward pieces that make her feel cute and confident, noting that she isn’t a fan of trendy items that she'd likely throw out next season or ones that wouldn’t flatter her body type.

“I don’t want to have to buy 20 different things next fall, so I buy things that are long-lasting and more timeless.”

When thinking about apple-picking afternoons and fireside get-togethers, she shared her must-haves for the fall.


First up: plaid.

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“Plaid will always be in style, so you want to have your staple plaid piece.”

Nikki said that could be a scarf, a skirt, or a top.

“You could pair those with anything else and you’ll look good.”


The Houston local said basics are also key for fall dressing.

“You want simple shirts in these three colors: white, nude, and black.”

As a Texan, she opts for short sleeves since the temperature doesn't drop too low, but she said long sleeves will do the trick too.

Style the basic top with a cute jacket and a scarf, throw on a pair of booties and jeans and you’re good to go.


Sticking with versatile options, she said to buy black, nude, and olive-colored pants.

“Whatever style pant you wear, buy it in those three colors because you can do so many things with that.

“You could wear any of those combinations ten times and it’ll be a different look.”


Nikki’s next must-have is a well-fitting blazer.

As for her favorite hues? Camel or plaid.

“You could easily wear a camel blazer five different ways and it will look good every time.

“Camel blazer, white shirt, jeans. Camel blazer, black shirt, black skirt. The list goes on.”

Tips for plus-size fall styling

Nikki revealed her five must-haves in the fall:

  • A staple plaid piece
  • Short-sleeve or long-sleeve tops in white, nude, and black
  • Pants in nude, black, and olive green
  • A tailored blazer
  • Boots and booties


And finally, she said a good pair of boots goes a long way — but only if you know how to style them to flatter your figure.

“If you're wearing a short skirt, do not wear an ankle bootie because it will make your leg look way shorter than it really is.

“You want to wear a short skirt with a long boot just to give yourself some length.”

Taller girls like herself can pull off another look she loves: a long dress with a tall boot.

“That looks really cute on me, but I’m 5’10” so it works. A shorter girl might want to wear a long dress or a long skirt with an ankle bootie instead.”

With all things fashion, she said it’s about accentuating the best parts of your body.

“I love my legs, so any chance I get, I’m highlighting them. Whether that be with a short dress or a slit in a long dress, they’re on display.”

As a mom, she has a permanent pooch — but she knows how to make it look good.

“I like high-waisted anything because it cinches me. I never wear low-waisted.

“And if it’s a flowy dress or something, I just throw on a belt. That’ll give me the illusion that I’m an hourglass when I’m really not.”

Because she knows shopping can be overwhelming for those who don’t know what they’re looking for, she revealed the three things she considers before making any purchase.

“Know what your style is, know what your color is, and know what looks good on your body.”

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If the piece you’re trying on fits into all three of those categories, ask yourself to name four already planned occasions where you could wear it.

“That has helped me a lot in terms of impulse buying.”

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