A$AP Rocky Threatened to Kill Me, Says A$AP Relli in Assault Case Testimony

ASAP Rocky

A$AP Rocky‘s former fellow Mob member — who claims Rocky shot him 2 years ago — just testified Rocky also threatened to kill before pulling the trigger.

Terell Ephron — who went by A$AP Relli when he was rolling with Rocky’s crew — took the stand Wednesday in a preliminary hearing to AR’s assault case in Los Angeles.

Of course, Relli is the key witness/alleged victim here … so he went under oath to explain what he alleges happened on Nov. 6, 2021 — which is that his old pal opened fire on him and struck his hand with at least one of the shots.

While in court, Relli recounted how he and Rocky first came together and how A$AP Mob formed back in the day — but also described how their relationship started to fray when Rocky’s career skyrocketed, as others in the group were kinda left behind.

ASAP ROCKY Outside court

Relli says he began resenting Rocky for moves he perceived as dishonest, such as allegedly promising to help support a slain A$AP Mob member’s family … which Relli claims Rocky never did. All their bad blood allegedly came to a head that fateful night.

According to Relli, Rocky called him and demanded to know where he was, and they ended up meeting at an L.A. hotel — which he thought might be a chance to squash their beef. Instead, Relli claims Rocky and some goons rolled up on him … and things got heated, with a gun allegedly being drawn.

A$AP Mob

Relli claims harsh words were exchanged, and Rocky put the gun to his stomach … allegedly saying, “I’ll kill you right now.” Relli testified Rocky didn’t shoot right then and there, but claims the bullets started flying shortly thereafter as they separated.

At that point, Relli says he felt his hand get hot and knew he’d been hit … and alleges Rocky fired around 4 times before taking off running and leaving him there on the street. Relli says he didn’t go to cops until a full day later out of fear.

As we told you … Rocky has already pleaded not guilty to 2 counts of assault with a semi-automatic firearm. Cops swarmed his pad last year and conducted a raid right after he landed back in L.A. from a Barbados trip he was on with Rihanna.

Rocky himself is in court today and heard all of Relli’s testimony — he was seen stepping outside during a lunch break … and they’re set to resume the hearing Thursday afternoon.

No sign of RiRi anywhere … looks like Rocky’s dealing with all this with just his lawyers at the moment.

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