Suella Braverman launches fresh tirade against multiculturalism as she warns some migrants are 'living parallel lives' | The Sun

SUELLA Braverman today doubled down on her claim that multiculturalism has "failed" in Britain, warning some migrants are "living parallel lives".

On day three of Tory Conference in Manchester, the Home Secretary accused "communities" living in "many towns and cities around the UK" of not learning English and refusing to adopt British values.

In a fresh rail against high migration levels she vowed to be "fearless in calling out" migrants who don't assimilate.

Ms Braverman told Sky News: "It’s my job first and foremost to be honest and speak for the majority of the British people.

"We have a great multi-ethnic society and in many parts of our country integration has worked.

"But there are also many towns and cities around the UK where it hasn’t and communities are living parallel lives.

"They are coming from abroad, they are not learning the language, they are not embracing British values and they are not taking part in British life.

"That needs to be identified, we need to be fearless in calling that out and that’s my job."



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Jeremy Hunt takes a jab at Suella's punchy language on migration

The idea of "parallel lives" first entered government discourse in the early 2000s in a Home Office report written by Ted Cantle.

It said: “Separate educational arrangements, community and voluntary bodies, employment, places of worship, language, social and cultural networks, means that many communities operate on the basis of a series of parallel lives.

"They do not touch at any point, let alone overlap and promote any meaningful interchange.”

It comes as yesterday a faction of right wing Tory MPs launched a stinging speech against soaring migration.

Tory MP Tom Hunt said: “It is not xenophobic to – when you walk into your town centre – to not want to feel like you're living in a foreign country.”

Ms Braverman will ramp up her raid against high immigration levels during a keynote conference speech this afternoon.

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She's also expected to announce a lifetime ban on sex offenders changing their name and gender.

And the Home Secretary will announce new law imposing an outright ban on anyone convicted of a sex-related crime changing their identity.

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