Revealed: Homeowner, 52, who confronted littering police officer

Revealed: Homeowner, 52, who confronted littering police officer is a full-time carer for his disabled father who claims distrust of authorities stems from ‘petty’ incident during lockdown

  • EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Cossey slams police for ‘going around like bully-boys’
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A TikTok vigilante who confronted a policeman who dropped sandwich crusts outside his house and posted the film online claims he was victimised by the authorities during the pandemic over ‘petty’ rule breaches.

A video of Jamie Cossey’s bad-tempered exchange with the litter-bug Thames Valley police officer has gone viral with hundreds of thousands of views on the internet.

Now Mr Cossey, 52, has revealed that his apparent enmity towards the police stems from treatment he claims he received when he was expelled from his local Tesco supermarket and banned for a year during Covid restrictions.

Speaking for the first time about his altercation with the young officer outside his home in Banbury, Oxon, he told MailOnline: ‘It’s one rule for them and one rule for us.’

Mr Cossey is a full time carer for his father Allan, 77, who suffers from muscular dystrophy.

Jamie Cossey, 52 – with his dad Allan, for whom he cares full time – went viral after confronting a police officer for dropping litter

The fresh-faced officer had initially denied littering, telling Mr Cossey : ‘I haven’t thrown any rubbish. That’s actually just sandwich crusts’

CCTV caught the officer discarding the crusts as he opens his door at the roadside (circled)

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And it was while Jamie was shopping for his elderly dad, and another frail relative, that he was accused of breaching Covid-19 regulations at his local Tesco supermarket, he said.

Mr Cossey explained: ‘During the lockdown I looked after my dad and another vulnerable relative.

‘Me and my wife were at Tesco doing their shopping when we were confronted by a manager who told us that the regulations stated that it was only one person per trolley.

‘I explained that we were doing the shopping for vulnerable relatives.

‘But the manager was having none of it. It all got very heated and he was shouting and swearing at me. I just walked off and carried on shopping.

‘But then when I’m right in the middle of the store I see these coppers coming for me. I knew I had done nothing wrong but there was nothing I could do.

‘I abandoned my trolley and started heading for the door.

‘But this copper grabbed me for no reason and started man-handling out of the store. There was no need for that. 

‘I was leaving. But he wouldn’t take his hands off me. It was out of order.

‘We had a bit of a shouting match outside the store. The next time I went back to the store that same manager came up to me and said I was banned from the store for a year. I couldn’t believe it. Everyone knows me in there.

Mr Cossey stands on the spot where the police officer discarded his sandwich crusts on Tuesday – before eventually agreeing to pick them up after being confronted by the resident

Mr Cossey said he was ‘really wound up’ by the ‘arrogance’ of the young police officer

‘But I did my ban. And when it was over I went back and showed that manager the receipts of all the money I had spent in Sainsbury’s instead. It was over £7,000.

‘And it was a bit like that young copper outside my house the other morning.

‘The arrogance he showed when he first of all claimed he had not dumped anything. It really wound me up.

‘I’m not against the police. They are public servants. But instead they go around like bully-boys, thinking they can do whatever they want.

‘I hope that young copper learns from what happened outside my house and it makes him a better officer.’

Jamie’s dad Allan says he is proud of his son.

Allan, 77, told MailOnline: ‘I would never have thought of confronting the police. But Jamie knows the ins and outs of the law. He knows his rights.

‘I’m not sure I would have gone as far as Jamie. But for him things are either black or white.’

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