Protesters hang Palestinian flag from Scottish Parliament

Protesters hang Palestinian flag from Scottish Parliament saying lawmakers should stop arms exports to Israel

  • Five protesters scaled the parliament building and hung a banner and flag
  • All five of the protesters had their faces covered but spoke to reporters 

Five protesters have climbed up the awning outside the main entrance and are displaying the Palestinian flag and a Stop Arming Israel banner.

The protest came ahead of First Minister’s Questions at noon.

The group of pro-Palestinian protesters who climbed the Scottish Parliament said they are not part of an organisation.

As reporters shouted questions, one member of the group, who all have their faces covered, said: ‘We’re here to put pressure on the Scottish Government to take action against arms exports to Israel.’

A Scottish Parliament spokesperson said: ‘Protestors have gained access to the roof and unfurled a banner. Police Scotland are in attendance. There is no disruption to parliament business and public access to the building is unaffected.’

A protester with their face covered above the Palestine flag above the main entrance to the Scottish National Parliament

The banner which reads, ‘Stop arming Israel’ with a Palestine flag above the man entrance of the Scottish National Parliament

Four of the pro-palestine protesters who hung the Palestine flag and banner above the Scottish National Parliament. All four have their faces covered

 The banner unfurled by the protesters reads: ‘Stop arming Israel’. 

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: ‘We’re aware of the protest and officers are in attendance.’

The parents-in-law of First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf returned to Scotland on Sunday after they were ‘trapped’ in Gaza as Israel pounded the Palestinian enclave, the Scottish National Party confirmed. 

Elizabeth El-Nakla and her husband Maged – the parents of Mr Yousaf’s wife Nadia – were trapped when Israel laid siege to the territory following the October 7 Hamas terror attack on Israel, in which the group killed 1,400 people.

The couple – who are from Dundee – travelled to Gaza to visit family prior to the conflict erupting. Since then, Israel has unleashed a ruthless bombardment on the territory, killing thousands of civilians as it targets Hamas terror cells.

 But the SNP leader confirmed they were among an almost 100-strong group permitted to enter Egypt through the Rafah border crossing in southern Gaza.

He posted on X on Sunday to confirm they are ‘safe and back home’. 

The First Minister of Scotland posted on X: ‘I am pleased to say my in-laws are safe and back home.

‘We are, of course, elated, but my father-in-law said, “My heart is broken in two, and with my mum, son and grandchildren in Gaza.”

‘He then broke down telling me how hard it was saying goodbye to them.

‘All of the family is so pleased to have them back home in Scotland.

The pro-Palestine protesters spoke to reporters outside the Scottish National Parliament after they hung up the pro-Palestine banner

‘Stop arming Israel’, is what was written on the banner hung up by the protesters. All five of the pro-Palestine protesters had their faces covered

Four of the protesters appear to speak to each other. The Scottish Police said they are aware of the protest and are in attendance. 

‘However, our thoughts remain with those who can’t leave and are trapped in a war zone. We will continue to raise our voices for peace and to stop the killing of innocent men, women and children in Gaza.

‘This has been a traumatic few weeks. I can’t begin to tell you the impact it has had on Nadia and our family, particularly my in-laws.

‘I’m sure they will tell their story in time. In the meantime, we ask that their privacy is respected. Thank you for all of your good wishes.’

Elizabeth El-Nakla and her husband Maged – the parents of Mr Yousaf’s wife Nadia – were trapped when Israel laid siege to the territory following the October 7 Hamas terror attack

In a statement on November 2 , confirming his family would be returning, he said: ‘These last four weeks have been a living nightmare for our family, we are so thankful for all of the messages of comfort and prayers that we have received from across the world, and indeed from across the political spectrum in Scotland and the UK.’

‘Although we feel a sense of deep personal relief, we are heartbroken at the continued suffering of the people of Gaza.

‘We will continue to raise our voices to stop the killing and suffering of the innocent people of Gaza.

‘We reiterate our calls for all sides to agree to an immediate ceasefire, the opening of a humanitarian corridor so that significant amounts of aid, including fuel, can flow through to a population that have suffered collective punishment for far too long, and for all hostages to be released.

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