How to Get People to Buy Your SaaS Product?

If you’re selling a SaaS product, it’s important to make sure your potential clients know what the product does and how to use it. In this article, we’ll describe how you can get people to buy your SaaS product by creating an explainer video that demonstrates the usual problems and offer solutions with your tool.

Explain how to use your SaaS product

SaaS Explainer Video

The best way to do this is by walking through the process of using your product in a step-by-step fashion.

For example, if you offer software that helps people with their social media marketing, show how it can be used for different types of content (like blogs or videos), how to measure results and track progress over time, and what features are available for each type of content so users know what they’re getting into before they start creating something new.

In addition to showing users how to use the tool itself, explain why certain steps are important and necessary for success. For example, if someone is new at blogging but has written some great content already as part of their job responsibilities (i.e., they’ve already got their head around writing), then maybe there’s no need for them to read all your material on writing style guides—but if someone else doesn’t have any experience at all when it comes time create something new like an eBook series or podcast interview series then those guidelines will come in handy!

Create an explainer video

A short video that provides an explanation of the product is known as a “explainer video.”

Animated explainer videos typically run between two and five minutes in length.

If you have a software as a service (SaaS) product, you absolutely need to make one of these, as they are fantastic for bringing in new clients and driving up sales.

Demonstrate the usual problems and offer solutions

You can’t just tell people about your product or service, you need to show them. Demonstrate the usual problems and offer solutions to these problems. Show how your SaaS product will solve their problems and see how it is better than other solutions on the market.

You might ask: why should I do this? You should do this because it’s important for potential customers that they know how and when they will save money as well as what kind of results they can expect from using your software solution!

Show the benefits of your SaaS product

Show the benefits of your SaaS product.

What are the benefits of your SaaS product? How will using it benefit your audience? A good way to show this is through a demo video, which we’ve already discussed in detail. The goal is to get potential customers excited about what you’re offering, so don’t be afraid to go big and bold with the benefits.

Highlight the advantages of your tool over others on the market

Highlight the advantages of your tool over others on the market.

There are many reasons why a customer would choose one SaaS product over another. You have to find out what those are, and whether or not your offering meets them. If you can’t seem to figure out why your product is better than all the other options available, ask someone else who’s used it before. See if they can think of any good reasons why they might prefer yours over others, even though they didn’t end up choosing it themselves. Then, incorporate those reasons into your marketing materials!

In order to get people buy your SaaS product, you need an original explainer video.

If you want people to buy your SaaS product, then you need the best saas explainer video there is. An explainer video is a short animation that explains what your software can do and why they should use it. It’s a great way to introduce your product or service in a simple and compelling way. Animation explainers for saas are also an effective tool for explaining the benefits of using your product over other similar products on the market.


If you want people to buy your SaaS product, you need an original explainer video. This is the best way to convince them they need it and get them excited about what it can do for them.