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DISGRACED influencer Andrew Tate is set to appear in a Romanian court again today as he awaits trial on human trafficking charges.

Last month, Tate and his brother Tristan won an appeal in a Bucharest court to be released from house arrest and placed under judicial control.

Now, the pair are set to appear before the court again at 12pm Bucharest time today as they await trial.

This comes as four British women are reportedly set to sue Andrew Tate after the influencer allegedly choked them until blood vessels burst in their eyes.

Set to file claims of rape, coercive control, and choking in the High Court in the coming weeks, the women say they were victims of sexual violence by Tate between 2013 and 2016 – before he became known as an influencer – he denies all allegations.

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  • By Henry Moore

    Disgraced sexist backs Russell Brand as comedian 'absolutely denies' claims

    Andrew Tate has thrown his support behind Russell Brand amid a wave of claims by women against the British comedian.

    Controversial internet personality Tate made several social media posts claiming that Brand was a victim of a "matrix attack" and calling the allegations "crazy".

    Speaking in the hours before the allegations against Brand were confirmed in an explosive report in The Times, Tate took to X, formerly Twitter, to post an image of a knight striding forward with a spear and shield.

    He captioned the picture: "On my way to fight these crazy b**** allegations."


    Andrew Tate backs Brand as comedian 'absolutely denies' claims against him

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    What has Tristan Tate been charged with?

    Tristan Tate has been hit with the same charges as Andrew.

    There are also two co-defendants charged alongside the brothers, who are believed to be the Romanian women who were arrested at the same time as Andrew and Tristan.

    They were also mentioned in the indictment as part of the human trafficking group.

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    Is Tristan Tate married and does he have children?

    Tristan is single following his previous relationship with Bianca Dragusanu.

    He made headlines in Romania when news broke out that he was dating the famous Romanian TV presenter and model.

    Bianca was caught cheating on her husband Victor Slav with Tristan and subsequently left him to be with the Luton-born star.

    The news about her infidelity wrecked her image and her TV show “I Want You Close To Me” on Kanal D Romania was cancelled.

    Tristan has mentioned that he has children in interviews, but has said he doesn't talk about how many he has and what their names are.

    It is led to believe that he currently has one child, a daughter, although very little is known about her.

  • By Henry Moore

    Who is Tristan Tate?

    Tristan is a former kickboxer, and businessman.

    Born on July 15, 1988, he is the younger brother of Andrew Tate and grew up in their home town of Luton.

    This is where he learned kickboxing at Storm Gym under coach Amir Subasic, to which he later became a 2x ISKA kickboxing champion.

    He then quickly rose to fame after starring in the reality TV show Shipwrecked in 2011.

    However, viewers of the show were not impressed with his arrogant behaviour in the series.

    Tristan then retired from kickboxing and moved to Romania with Andrew to focus on their empire of businesses.

    The brothers are famously inseparable, living together in a luxury mansion in Romania and sharing over 15 luxury cars including a $5 million Bugatti.

    Tristan regularly shares his luxury lifestyle on his social media.

  • By Henry Moore

    What is Tristan Tate’s net worth?

    It is believed that Tristan Tate has a personal wealth of in the region of £8.4m.

    He has more than 750k followers on Instagram and regularly updates his feed with flash cars, private jets and fancy holidays.

    Tristan Tate is the brother of infamous misogynist Andrew Tate.

    The pair were released from Prison just days ago after a three-month stay in jail under accusations of human trafficking.

  • By Henry Moore

    Andrew Tate was kicked off of Big Brother

    Andrew first came to wider public attention when he appeared on reality TV show Big Brother.

    But his stay in the BB house proved to be short-lived, and he was kicked off the Channel 5 show after a video of him appearing to assault a woman emerged.

    Tate told The Sun in 2016 that the video depicted role play.

    In 2022, rape and domestic abuse charities including Rape Crisis England and Wales and Women’s Aid called on TikTok to remove him from the platform over comments he’s made in videos.

    Amelia Handy, policy lead at Rape Crisis England and Walestold The Daily Mail: “These videos are a clear example of rape culture, where rape and sexual violence are minimised and survivors are blamed for crimes committed against them.”

  • By Henry Moore

    What has Andrew Tate said about his children?

    In September 2022, Tate made the claim that he had multiple kids, by multiple women around the globe.

    He even went as far as to say that he is seen as a “hero” by his children and the women who gave birth to them.

    “I am not going to five numbers but I am certain I will have more children than 99.9 per cent of the population of the western world,” Tate told The Times during an interview.

    “Double digit children, and they all adore me. They see me as their hero and the women who have my children see me as a hero.

    “Everybody close to me respects me. Nobody has ever said that what I am doing is detrimental to the boys. Or the girls.”

    However his claims about his children have not been backed up, nor are there any pictures or posts of him with his kids.

  • By Henry Moore

    What is Andrew Tate's 'War Room'?

    Tate's War Room is an exclusive online network for men, which reportedly has over 400 members.

    An associate of Tate's involved in the War Room is Miles Sonkin, who has been referred to by the BBC as Tate's War Room's "true leader and intellectual driving force" and was described as "Andrew's right-hand man" in a 2023 Vice documentary.

    Sonkin uses the alias Iggy Semmelweis online and, according to the BBC's investigation into the War Room, describes himself as a "wizard" on the network.

    Sonkin, as Semmelweis, is accused of instructing men to become romantically involved with women before emotionally manipulating and socially isolating them.

  • By Henry Moore

    Four British women 'to sue' Andrew Tate in High Court

    Four British women are attempting to sue Andrew Tate after the influencer allegedly choked them until blood vessels burst in their eyes, reports claim.

    The former kickboxer is already awaiting trial in Romania on charges of human trafficking and forming a criminal gang to exploit women – allegations which he denies.

    Set to file claims of rape, coercive control, and choking in the High Court the coming weeks, the women say they were victims of sexual violence by Tate between 2013 and 2016 – before he became known as an influencer.

    Tate – who denies all allegations – is reportedly threatening to sue them for defamation, The Sunday Times reports.


    Four Brit women 'to sue Tate for rape & choking them until blood vessels burst'

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    Did Andrew Tate have a hair transplant?

    Andrew Tate is understood to have undergone a hair transplant in 2019 after being diagnosed with male pattern baldness.

    He had a procedure known as follicular unit extraction (FUE), in which tiny grafts from the scalp’s donor area are removed and subsequently implanted in the recipient spot.

  • By Henry Moore

    What does Andrew Tate mean by ‘The Matrix’?

    Andrew has continually spoken about The Matrix since his rise to fame.

    It is thought that Tate uses this term to describe the powers that be in politics, media and large organisations.

    In the movie, The Matrix is a virtual world that humans are deceived into believing is real.

  • By Henry Moore

    Who is Janine Tate?

    Janine is the only sister of self-professed “trillionaire” Andrew.

    She is the only daughter of the late American chess prodigy Emory Andrew Tate Jr. and his third child.

    Janine has two older brothers: kickboxer, commentator, and businessman Tristan, in addition to Andrew.

    Although the family was situated in Luton, England, when they were children, Janine is a lawyer and now resides in Kentucky.

    Both Tristan and Andrew have described her as a “feminist”.

  • By Henry Moore

    Is Andrew Tate on TikTok?

    No, Andrew Tate himself is not on the social media platform.

    TikTok banned Tate after the infamous misogynist, who has been charged with rape, broke a slew of the platform’s guidelines.

    However, TikTok remains full of Tate’s content due to his fans posting it on their own accounts.

  • By Henry Moore

    Who are Andrew Tate’s parents?

    Andrew Tate was born to Emory Tate and Eileen Tate.

    He has two younger siblings, Tristan and Janine.

    Their father, Emory Tate was a Chicago-born American chess player.

    He was an international master, and five-time winner of the United States Armed Forces Chess championship according to

    In 2015, Emory died in California at the early age of 56 after fainting during the competition, according to Show Biz Corner.

    In August 2022, it was reported by the Daily Mail that their mother Eileen brought up the three children in relative poverty after moving to Bedfordshire, England when Tate was 11.

  • By Henry Moore

    What has Andrew Tate been charged with?

    Former kickboxer Tate, 36, and his brother Tristan were released from the hellhole jail they had been held in for three months on March 31 on house arrest.

    But the pair, who have dual US and British nationality, have now been formally charged.

    The indictment says the brothers, along with two other co-defendants, formed an organised criminal group in 2021 for human trafficking in Romania, the US and the UK.

    It claims seven alleged victims were recruited by Tate through false promises of marriage or a relationship, known as the "loverboy method".

    It states that the seven alleged victims were then later transported and housed in buildings in Ilfov country where they were subject to act of physical violence, mental coercion through intimidation, constant surveillance, and sexual exploitation by the group members.

    Tate has been charged with rape and Tristan has been charged with instigating others to violence.

  • By Henry Moore

    Andrew Tate to appear in court today

    Disgraced influencer Andrew Tate is once again due to appear in a Romanian court today as he awaits trial on human trafficking charges.

    The exact nature of the appearances remains unknown, but Tate was released from house arrest last month.

    This court visit comes as four British women reportedly announced plans to sue the infamous sexist in the High Court.

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