Youngest collector on Antiques Roadshow stunned at true value of £1.60 artwork

Antiques Roadshow's "youngest ever guest" was left stunned after he found out the true value of a painting he had bought at auction for just $2.

The schoolboy, who appeared on the US version of the show, appeared to be on his way to a career in art dealing as he claims he enjoys buying and selling pieces of artwork online. He admitted he enjoyed collecting glass and sterling silver — including a sterling silver tray that he is most proud of.

However, the boy was also partial to the off purchase of watercolour art and adored a piece of a woman and her child knitting that he managed to snap up on a trip to a South Jersey auction with his dad. Although, he admitted his family weren't keen on waiting for it.

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But his dad waited for him to get it — which turned out to be the right choice as the lad was left wide-eyed at the whopping valuation. In the clip, which has gained more than 115,000 likes, he explained: "This piece was found at an auction down in South Jersey.

"It was so hot there. My dad didn't want to stay to get it, but I wanted to. So, we waited an hour or so. We got it for two bucks. Two bucks? I thought it was a watercolor, but we couldn't tell because of the glass."

The expert took a closer look and confirmed it was a watercolour and asked the boy if he knew much about the artist. To which, the kid replied: "I only know Albert."

Explaining the history of the piece, the expert said: "Albert Neuhaus. Neuhaus was one of the Dutch painters. He was born in 1844, and he died in 1914. And I think your watercolor was probably done in the last quarter of the 19th century."

He then continued to share that the watercolour could "probably sell for between $1,000 and $1,500" at acution today, adding: "That's a lot of money. Not bad for two bucks. So I think you've got a great career going as an art dealer. And if you keep at it. Yeah.

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The young lad was overjoyed at the result, as he cheered: "Yeah, I think I'm gonna be rich."

TikTok users were left stunned by the clip as they took to the comments praising the kid and hoping he will be an expert on the show in the future. One user wrote: "I will see him on AR in 20 years."

Another added: "He's has quite an eye, this one! I bet his dad isn't mad about waiting on that painting now," while a third commented: "Smart kid, he pays attention and has an eye for detail."

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