The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh blown away by ITV show contestants cool job

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    Since The Chase hit our screens back in 2015, Bradley Walsh has become renowned for his witty conversations with the contestants, and this occasion really took viewers by surprise, as the first quizzer on Wednesday's (October 18) episode revealed he works in the Air Force.

    With an undeniable swagger, Rob from Wigan, instantly caught the host's attention, as he confirmed that he's an RAF Weapons Controller. In this role, he talks to the fast jet pilots while they fly away doing their missions.

    With a glint in his eye, Bradley smiled, "That's cool, isn't it?" Rob chuckled back: "It pays the bills."

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    Bursting with excitement, the former Doctor Who star asked: "Do you know all the pilots, and do they all know you?" Letting him down gently, the contestant replied: "Some of them. We don't work at the same locations. But we do go away with each other from time to time. They don't have their own call signs; it's not like 'Maverick and 'Goose'."

    Gutted with the situation, Bradley said: "Is it not? What a shame," before asking what Rob does to relax. And he had a very interesting answer.

    The player answered: "I don't get much time to relax since the accident two years ago, Bradley." Understandably concerned, the presenter asked: "What accident?"

    Exhibiting humour on a parallel with Bradley himself, Rob chuckled: "Well, he's two years old, and his name is Alfie."

    Incredibly, the dad only got more interesting, revealing his main interest is sky diving. At this point, a stunned Bradley asserted: "You're actually James Bond." But his persona soon came crashing down when he confirmed what he'd spend his winnings on.

    After confessing he'd like a camper van, the host, took everything back, saying: "No, sorry. That's blown it. James Bond's blown it with the camper van.

    Subsequently, Bradley decided to do a bit of roleplay, prancing around the stage, pretending to be James Bond in the middle of picking up a 99 from the ice cream van. And, of course, he added a few pretend chops and punches into his mini-performance.

    Next, it was time for Rob's first Chase, and his steely confidence was put to the test, as Mark Lebeck, AKA 'The Beast,' came out to confront him. But rather than mock his opponent, the quizzing icon simply compared himself to 'Jaws' before branding Bradley, 'Odd job'.

    Despite his lack of knowledge of Australian lager, Rob more than made up for it with his expertise on basketball and Monopoly, accumulating an impressive ยฃ6000 in the cash builder.

    In a cool performance, the contestant successfully confirmed that Darwin frogs rear their children in their mouths, to make it back to his team.

    The Chase airs weekdays on ITV1 at 5pm

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