Stacey Solomon rushes to comfort Sort Your Life Out guest as she breaks down

Stacey Solomon introduces fans to ‘mystery sister’ as she explains why she’s rarely seen

Stacey Solomon rushed to comfort a guest on the most recent Sort Your Life Out episode.

The latest instalment of the BBC One transformation programme, saw Stacey and the team helping farmers Lianne and Andy, who were struggling in their large and clutter-filled house with their three children.

To take on the big task, Stacey even enlisted the help of special guest Mrs Hinch.

The house was one of her toughest tasks yet, and Stacey soon realised Lianne had a hard time letting go of things, particularly in relation to her children.

During the warehouse part of the episode, the family were left stunned as they saw years’ worth of clutter sprawled out and filling the entire warehouse.

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While the family made a good dent in the items, at one point Lianne became overwhelmed by the process.

Stacey saw the mother-of-three rush away in tears and quickly followed her.

“I don’t want you to go home and say, ‘I wish I never did this process,’ but when we look at all these coats, even in two weeks you couldn’t wear all these coats,” Stacey pointed out to a tearful Lianne.

She added: “I bet you live in three or four of these coats and the rest kind of get left.”

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“I am super excited for this.,” Lianne assured Stacey, continuing: “You know when you think, ‘I’ve done enough.'”

“You’ve done so well,” Stacey agreed. “Please don’t think that because we’re struggling with one section… that doesn’t take away from all the amazing things you’ve just done.”

Stacey pulled Lianne into a hug as she added: “You have done so well.

“Sometimes we don’t take into consideration how hard this is for you to go section by section.

“I think if you stand here thinking about it for too long, you’re going to undo all the work you’ve just done, and you’ve done really well.”

“We haven’t hit the shoes yet…” Lianne remarked, to which Stacey replied: “We are going to get there, but maybe we’ll have some kind of light relief before we get to the shoes.”

Hugging Lianne again, Stacey asked: “Do you want a cup of tea?”

“Yeah. Can I have a hot chocolate?” Lianne asked before Stacey answered: “Yeah, you can.”

Thankfully, the team managed to transform the house and Lianne was delighted with the end result.

Sort Your Life Out continues on Thursday at 8pm on BBC One.

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