Rob Kazinsky shares picture of his 'real body' as he vows 'not to die of shame'

EastEnders legend Rob Kazinsky has opened up about his weight and mental health as he begins a new fitness routine.

The actor, 39, is best known for his role as Sean Slater in the BBC One soap, and shared his health plan over on Instagram.

Uploading some topless pictures, Rob told his followers that he is focused on getting fitter for a new acting role.

‘You’re gonna be seeing a fair bit more activity over the next few months, and it’s the kind of activity and vanity I steadfastly avoid. Fitness S**t’, he said.

Opening up about his mental health, Rob said: ‘I’m going to try and avoid self defeating embarrassment and general autistic self destruction as much as possible and not die of shame.

‘Here is day one, my starting off point. I weight 220lbs, I’m at 19.7% body fat. I turn 40 in a few months and one thing I’ve learned is that it’s getting harder and harder every single day to train and recover, I can’t do things like I did in my 20’s, so what’s the plan?’.

The actor went on to say that he’s decided to get into ‘superhero shape’ ahead of a new job.

‘I have a great job coming up if the strikes come to an end and I’ve decided to get into superhero shape, without drugs, without PEDs, without help, just a 40 year old fat b*****d making do with what I have still going for me’, he explained.

‘So we will start here as I figure this out. And we will do check ups, and updates and hopefully soon I’ll be able to tell you what it’s for.’

Rob has always been open and honest about his mental health struggles. A few years ago, during his week-long return to EastEnders, he told why Sean Slater’s mental health storyline was so important to him:

‘I have struggled with depression in my life – 40% of people will be diagnosed with a mental health condition in their lifetime and those are only the people who go and actually get help. Mental health doesn’t just affect the person but also the people around them’, Rob said.

‘We don’t talk about it. 27 men a day take their own lives in the UK every day, many of them are under 35. Suicide is the second largest killer in America – this is a pandemic. We’re too afraid to talk about it.

‘Kate [Oates] and I talked about that. What I wanted to do is talk about it and the one place you have always been able to do that because it is socially responsible is EastEnders.’

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