Martin and Eve discover truth about Theo and Cindy is humiliated in EastEnders spoilers

Martin Fowler and Eve Unwin are about to find out the truth about Theo Hawthorne, EastEnders spoilers have revealed.

Over recent months, viewers have watched as Theo has been stalking Stacey Slater, but she is completely unaware despite suspicions being raised by Martin.

He is Stacey's mysterious online client, but recently, he has stepped up his behaviour by destroying her bedroom after working his way into the Slater household by tutoring pregnant Lily.

Fans will recall that when Theo offered to tutor Lily for free, Martin went to his old school to try and work out what he did wrong, but he got nowhere.

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On Monday, 4 September's episode, the receptionist at the school gets back in touch with Martin, and he and Eve find out what Theo is really like.

The revelations leave the pair worried for Stacey as she is at home with Theo, as he is preparing to take things to the next level with her.

Martin sends Stacey a series of warning messages, but while she is upstairs with Lily, who is feeling poorly, Theo intercepts the messages, and hides her phone.

After reading the messages, Theo knows that his time is up, and when Stacey returns, he decides that it is time to tell her everything that he has done.

Fear soon sets in for Stacey, but as she tries to get him out of the house, Lily's waters break.

Stacey manages to get Theo out, and Stacey's mum, Jean Slater, arrives to find that Lily is in full-blown labour, and the ambulance is delayed.

As they prepare to welcome the baby at home, Stacey heads to the kitchen for some towels, but she is stunned as she finds Theo has found a way back into the house.

What will Theo's next move be?

Over at the Queen Vic, Gina Knight has returned home after her drug overdose, and as her mum, Cindy Beale, arrives to check on her, she humiliates her in front of the whole pub.

The drama doesn't end there for the Knight family, as Freddie Slater struggles with his guilt after sleeping with Anna Knight.

With that in mind, Freddie speaks to Alfie Moon about what happened, and Alfie convinces him to keep quiet if he wants to keep his friendship with Bobby Beale, who is smitten with Anna.

Will Freddie be able to keep his secret quiet?

Finally, it's an emotional day for Ben Mitchell and his daughter Lexi as she prepares for her first day of secondary school.

Will Lexi be able to do it so soon after losing her mum?

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