MAFS Peggy’s family dubbed wedding ‘sick joke’ and brother stopped talking to her

Married At First Sight UK star Peggy has opened up about her family's reaction to her signing up for the show, revealing that they thought she was playing a "sick joke" on them.

The 32-year-old from Kent is just one of eight brides who tied the knot with a complete stranger on the E4 reality show after being matched by the MAFS UK love experts: Paul C. Brunson, Melanie Schilling and Charlene Douglas.

Speaking to OK! in an exclusive interview, the technology risk partner said that her family didn't take her MAFS UK news well at first.

"They said, 'Is this some kind of sick joke?'" she said. "My brother wanted nothing to do with it, and we only started talking to each other again after the filming had ended."

"And even now he doesn't want to talk about it. He’s very anti the whole thing – my older protective brother. But, you know, it was my choice."

Peggy added that family is very important to her, with the 32-year-old still living with her parents in Kent, however she's spent less time on the dating scene as a result.

"I've got a really busy life. I've got a big family, and family are number one for me. They are everything and sometimes I guess I've been self-sabotaging in putting my family and my job first, like working 12 hour days. You don't really get a chance to meet anyone at all."

She continued: "And at the weekends, I was always too tired to go out. So I work Monday to Friday in a super stressful job. Weekends I want to spend with my family, and I'd leave no time for dating."

Peggy isn't the only single taking part in the E4 show this year – she's joined in the hen party by 31-year-old Jay from Lancashire, 34-year-old Laura from Hampshire, 36-year-old Porscha from London, 29-year-old Ella from Weston-Super-Mare and 28-year-old Rosaline from Crewe.

Also walking down the aisle is 31-year-old Peggy from Nottingham and 25-year-old Tasha from Leeds.

While we don't know who their husbands are just yet, they'll be matched with either 34-year-old tennis coach Arthur, 27-year-old model Brad, 30-year-old sports rehabilitator Georges, 30-year-old sales executive Luke, 36-year-old marketing manager Nathanial, 26-year-old account manager Paul, 40-year-old DJ Terence and 27-year-old Thomas.

Married at First Sight UK airs from Monday 18th September at 9pm on E4.

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