Emmerdale's Kevin Mathurin reveals 'controversial' story ahead for Charles

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Emmerdale’s Kevin Mathurin has confirmed a challenging few weeks ahead for Charles Anderson.

Speaking to us at this year’s Inside Soap Awards, Kevin reflected on Flo Wilson joining the show as Charles’ mum, the upcoming Super Soap Week and exploring a different side to his character.

‘It’s been really nice to film a bit of a challenging side to Charles, a darker side, a bit more bringing up his history so the character becomes a bit more three dimensional and you have an idea and an inkling as to what life was like for him beyond being a vicar’, he said.

‘Having the family involved with the character, it’s been great.’

He added: ‘It’s fantastic, everyone’s brilliant to work with, to have the extension of the family, bringing Flo in, she just clicked, and it just worked. Her and Rebecca [Sarker] get on so well, the battle between the two characters was a good clash! It’s just a great dynamic in the family at the moment.’

A few weeks ago, Charles planted a stolen watch on Victor (Eddie Osei) in an attempt to get rid of him from the family. Victor died shortly afterwards and right now, Claudette believes he died a guilty man, unaware of her son’s decision to frame his dad.

As the character continues to spiral, Kevin has revealed what could change within the village if the residents discover what Charles has done:

‘I think it would definitely be controversial, some people will definitely have something to say about it and will question Charles’s position. I think that’s a thing he’s really thinking about but first and foremost, he’s not concerned about his position in the village, he’s more concerned about whether he’s going to be honest to his mum. He wants to be honest and admit what he’s done, but she’s so leaning on his support, Charles doesn’t want to crush her, it’s hard.’

Teasing the upcoming Super Soap Week, which will feature Charity (Emma Atkins), Chloe (Jessie Elland) and Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb), Kevin said:

‘I can’t really say anything on Super Soap Week because I’m not involved! I know it’s going to be epic, as it always is, the writing has been brilliant. What I do know, it’s a really good storyline and Matt Hilton, the director, he’s ace, he’s got great vision, there’s been great feedback.’

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