Davina McCall begged bosses to let her intervene on My Mum, Your Dad

Davina McCall says she contacted ITV about 'midlife' Love Island

Davina McCall has revealed she begged bosses to allow her to intervene when she saw one hopeful was struggling with the process.

Speaking to press including Express.co.uk the former Big Brother host explained: “There was a moment – I don’t know if it’s made into the show or not because I haven’t seen all the episodes.

“I went into work once, I did actually say to the production team, ‘Please let me just go and talk to this person’ because they were having a proper crisis.

“And this person was so lovely, and just could not see it for themselves.

“I had to go in and say ‘We chose you because you are brilliant. Like know that, you know?’ So I did that once.

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Davina added it’s rare for her to intervene as she has to let the dates play out and see how the hopefuls feel.

She shared: “The more you get involved, actually it’s a mistake. What do I know? I don’t know these people and kids will be more likely to go in and come and go give them factoids, but you just got to let it play out.

“Sometimes things don’t work, sometimes they do. But it’s one of those great shows when actually when you just leave it alone, great things happen. “

Davina explained hopefuls come and go but “there’s no evictions” and instead the parents decide when it’s their time to leave.

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“I think when you’ve exhausted everybody in the house and you think I don’t fancy anyone, it’s actually a hard place to be,” she remarked.

“So when somebody’s left, I’ve kind of hung out with them for a bit and have really good chats with them.

“And that’s been super nice. They are lovely. Every single person was absolutely lovely.”

My Mum, Your Dad will air across 10 hour-long episodes and the audience will follow single parents as they go on dates.

Unbeknownst to the parents, their kids will be watching their evert move in The Bunker, a surveillance room that they’ll be able to witness all the action of their parents’ journeys to find love.

The kids will also get the opportunity to play matchmaker and decide their mum or dad’s dating fate.

From humorous moments to heartwarming confessions, the kids will see their parents in a whole new light as they are presented with opportunities to select who they’ll be matched with on one-to-one dates, and who may join the family celebrations for years to come.

My Mum, Your Dad starts Monday 11 September at 9pm on ITV.

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