Corries Daisy star says boyfriend wants her to wear characters sexy outfits

Coronation Street beauty Charlotte Jordan reckons she resembles more of an "84-year-old woman" in contrast to her on-screen character Daisy Midgeley.

Daisy often sizzles on the cobbles with revealing tops and short skirts, and it seems Charlotte's boyfriend wants her to bring home some of Daisy's outfits from set.

The 28-year-old actress confessed that her boyfriend, Paul, has been eager to witness her adopt a style akin to Daisy's, even though she prefers a more conservative wardrobe in her private life.

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Charlotte joked she was “basically an 84-year-old woman who walks around in trousers and boxy T-shirts.”

She toldMetro: "He [Paul] always jokes, ‘Why are these for me? Why don’t you bring home some of Daisy’s mini-skirts?'”

But the actress has kept a feisty reply to her eager partner: "I just say, ‘You knew my style when you met me. If you want to see the mini-skirts, turn on the telly!’"

Charlotte’s boyfriend made a brief appearance on Coronation Street in 2020, as a result of COVID-19 health and safety protocols forcing actors to shoot scenes socially distanced.

The Corrie star went on to mention that her boyfriend's parents appreciated her character, finding her occasional spiciness quite enjoyable.

But in reality, Charlotte has affirmed that her reclusive way of life was in fact, quite the opposite of Daisy's in the show.

In her role, the telly star’s character's backstory includes being an online influencer who revels in glamorous attire and being the focal point of attention.

To the surprise of fans, Daisy ultimately began dating Daniel, a studious teacher and widowed father portrayed by Robert Mallard.

On the contrary, Charlotte has explained to frequently find solace in a peaceful evening at home.

She said: "The lifestyle I lead is basically lockdown.

"I’m a hermit, so I had no problems just staying home, lighting candles, having baths and doing a couple of squats in front of the telly!"

Nonetheless, tonight (September 5) will be an exception for the starlett, as she has been nominated for the Best Individual Serial Drama Performance at the 2023 NTAs, with Coronation Street also vying for the Serial Drama award.

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