Coronation Street star details ‘heartbreaking’ scenes after ‘ultimate betrayal

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Coronation Street’s Darren Vance (played by Ryan Earl) is set to learn all about his wife’s affair.

Since arriving on the cobbles, Darren and his wife Courtney (Stephanie Davies) have been trying to help Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) with his business.

However, Courtney took a liking to his younger son Aadi (Adam Hussain) and the duo have been secretly sleeping together for weeks.

While she’s managed to keep her infidelities under wraps so far, their romantic rendezvous is about to come to light.

Speaking about the upcoming revelation, actor Ryan Earl teased that the scenes will be heartbreaking.

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Stating the big reveal will involve various different characters on the street, the soap star said lies will start to unravel over a period of episodes.

He told The Mirror: “When it does unravel it’s shocking for Darren and the ultimate betrayal.

“It’s also heartbreaking cause even though we’re a new couple on the show, you can see we’ve been together for a long time.

“You see a genuine marriage breaking up and the aftermath of that.”

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Ryan admitted his character doesn’t automatically hate his wife as he’s still there for her despite her affair.

He added: “You want to forgive them but can’t, or maybe you can and then you start hurting each other, so it’s messy.”

Touching on the moment Darren discovered who Courtney had been seeing, the actor confessed Aadi wasn’t on his radar.

The Coronation Street star shared there’s a real sense of shock and disbelief as Darren thought his young protegee was young and innocent.

He continued: “When it does come out, it’s such an amazing episode.

“When it does come out, it’s the biggest shock but it’s written so well, almost like a thriller.”

Although viewers will have to wait a while to see the revelation, it begs the question, what will Darren do once he knows everything?

Coronation Street continues on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV from 8pm.

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