Big Brother secretly banned two elements of show during launch episode

Big Brother's pre-recorded reboot launch show was an atypically calm affair all in all, and there's two main reasons for that.

Co-presented by AJ Odudu and Will Best, the iconic show returned to our screens on Sunday evening after a five-year break, but fans watching at home may have noticed a different atmosphere than we're used to.

"AJ looked amazing but that catsuit gave her a load of strife," a member of the crowd told The Sun.

"First, a producer said she had to be lubed up to get into it and then her extra long wig kept getting caught on the legs with static. Her stylists had to keep coming on stage with a hairdryer to stop the wig clinging to her. It was hilarious for us but less so for her. Then, all that hot air on her legs started causing air to escape, essentially making fart sounds, and AJ was, like, 'It’s not me'.

"Also, they told us at the beginning, 'It’s 2023, we want it to be celebratory', so we weren’t allowed to boo anyone like in the old days."

Meanwhile, this year's initial 16 participants walked into a Big Brother house almost completely dry of alcohol, and they made their grievances known after being presented with just two of Prosecco between them (plus mocktails).

"Did they think two bottles of prosecco was gonna last?" questioned dancer Olivia, before youth worker Hallie said after realising they'd been rationed: "I need a drink!"

Dental therapist Chanelle commented that the thing she'd miss the most from the outside world was the pub.

Ahead of the live episodes airing, AJ (real name Onatejiro), 35, revealed that she doesn't want to emulate previous Big Brother hosts Davina McCall or Emma Willis.

"I certainly don’t feel like I’m going to be stepping into anyone’s shoes. I absolutely adore Davina McCall, and the same goes for Emma Willis, who is actually a really good friend of mine. I don’t want to be like Davina or Emma. I just want to be like me," she shared.

"I hope everyone is ready to see someone who’s never looked like me, never sounded like me and never been like me on their screens hosting such an iconic show. I’m nervous. I’ve got butterflies taking on such a big role, but I’m really excited."

Her co-star Will, 38, went on to describe his new job as a dream come true.

"If you asked me 15 years ago what is the one show you would like to present the most, it would be Big Brother. I was obsessed with it," he gushed.

"And you don’t always get to work with a really good mate on something this high profile. Being able to go out there and do a show like this alongside AJ – who I think is the funniest, loveliest person in the world – I know it’s going to be fun."

Big Brother airs nightly, bar Saturdays, at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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