Alan Carr apologises for being sick over This Morning sofa

This Morning: Alan Carr apologises after being ‘sick’ behind sofa

Alan Carr quickly apologised to the two hosts of This Morning after “throwing up” being the sofa.

During Friday’s instalment of the ITV show, viewers watched as Dermot O’Leary decided to try Durian fruit along with their guest.

Although Alison Hammond went against eating it, Dermot and Alan gave it a go, however, it was clear they regretted their decision.

Holding the dish in his hand, Dermot started to move it off of the table as Alan was starting to gag.

He said: “Can I- get rid of it.”

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As a crew member came into shot to remove the dish, Alan hurled his body over the sofa as he seemed to spit it out.

Alison said: “We did have a tissue but don’t worry.”

Realising what he’d done, he said: “I’m so sorry, I thought I was back at home. I feel bad about being sick behind your sofa, I’ll clean it up.”

As Alison laughed at his reaction, she highlighted how happy she was she didn’t try the dish.

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Despite the food being taken away, it looked as though the smell lingered around the trio as Alison questioned what it was.

Dermot commented: “It’s so bad! Why did I do that?”

Alison added: “I think I can smell it in the tissue, I think I’m going to be sick!”

Agreeing, Alan replied: “It smells so bad! It’s like I’ve come in here and trumped!”

However, it seemed as though viewers had mixed feelings about Alan’s reaction to the dish.

@_Normski commented: “Honestly, people are having their lunch?!”

@Flat__l1ned added: “Haaa Alan spitting it out over the sofa…”

@lifes_a_cake raged: “Thanks for making me want to throw up rather than have some lunch.”

This Morning continues weekdays on ITV from 10am

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