Swedish House Mafia Performs In Rain, Damages Millions In Equipment

They say the show must go on, and that’s exactly what Swedish House Mafia did during a recent concert, despite a downpour. But while fans may have been elated to see the electronic trio continue, it resulted in millions of dollars of damages to their sound and musical equipment.

The musical group was performing a sold-out show at Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles on Friday when they were unexpectedly interrupted by rain.

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According to TMZ, sources close to the group said their team was begging them to end the show early to save the equipment. But rather than heed their team’s warning, Swedish House Mafia continued with the show as scheduled.

The group has been touring the United States recently, and the L.A. performance was one of their biggest to date, even adding more special effects to create a memorable experience. However, the open-air stadium exposed all the audio equipment and stage set-up to the elements, leaving much of it drenched and unusable following the unexpected rain.

It’s unclear if Swedish House Mafia will have to foot the bill for the damages. But TMZ reports that the group is still on track to perform in Vancouver come Saturday.

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Should they have to cough up millions to replace the equipment, the group certainly isn’t hurting for money, given reports of their newest collaboration.

The group recently teamed up with Swedish-based furniture giant Ikea to release a new line of affordable musical-based home goods, known as OBEGRÄNSAD. The goal is to allow musicians and creatives more freedom to build studios in their own homes for a cost-effective price.

“It’s a big company at home and IKEA surrounds you, not only the meatballs but also the furniture,” one of the group’s founding members, Steve Angello, said about the collaboration.

“And we used a lot of IKEA furniture, early days to hack and build studio spaces, vinyl collections, DJ tables,” he continued. “So IKEA played an instrumental role in providing pieces that we could remake, basically.”

Angello said the collection is something he wishes he had access to when his group was just starting in the music industry.

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“We wanted to do something that would be specifically for people like us growing up and making our dreams,” he continued. “I wish we had those products as kids. So, we approached them and we had some discussions.”

The collection features 20 smart home pieces, including a record player, LED floor, speakers, and lap top stands. It also has more traditional home pieces, like a rug, lamps, and cushions.

Look out for Swedish House Mafia’s Ikea collection, which will be in stores in October.

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