Optical Illusion shows who is a loner or insecure in their love life

A fun yet quick personality test has taken the internet by storm, as it has amazed social media users with its ability to tell if someone is confident or insecure when it comes to their love life.

This bizarre artwork is an optical illusion that requires the viewer to quickly look at the picture and decide if they see either a pair of lips or an eyeball at first glance.

Depending on what the viewer sees, this brainteaser should be able to determine how you come across in relationships and what annoys you when it comes to a partner.

This strange physiological picture was first shared in a video by the optical illusion specialist Mia Yilin, who has surprised many people on the internet with her ability to predict their personalities.

One commentator wrote: “How is she always accurate?!” while another user said: “Just wow! It’s crazy how true this is.”

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If you are someone who first noticed the lips in this picture, you are someone who is more a lone wolf and practical when it comes to relationships, who is easily able to see if someone is not being genuine.

Mia explained: “You are someone who prefers doing things on your own because you like having control over your choices. When it comes to relationships, you are down-to-earth and practical, always knowing what you want. That’s why cheesy compliments don’t do much for you.”

However, despite liking your own company, you also care deeply about what your peers think of you and always try their best in both their professional and personal lives.

Mia said: “You’re open to receiving criticism but you prefer a gentler approach. Your worst nightmare is making a fool of yourself in front of a big crowd.”


If you first saw the eye when looking into the optical illusion, you are someone who needs to believe in yourself more and can sometimes feel very insecure in a relationship.

Mia said: “Despite your outward appearance of happiness, deep down you carry a lot of inner turmoil. When it comes to relationships, you greatly prioritise and value your partner’s wishes and hobbies.”

However, you also know what you want out of a relationship and will have no issue breaking it off with a disrespectful partner.

Mia explained: [If someone] betrays you or oversteps your boundaries you won’t hesitate to leave them. It really gets under your skin when people bother you when you’re already upset and it tends to make you even angrier than you were before.”

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