Im an influencer – change in my beauty routine has knocked years off my face

A skincare influencer who looks a decade younger than her age has shared her secret to glowy and firm skin in her 30s.

Torey, who goes by @textureandglowskin on TikTok and Instagram, revealed the simple changes she’s made to her make-up and skin routine for a healthy complexion.

She took to TikTok to share a picture of herself six years ago, noting: “I think I look younger now than I did then.”

The beauty influencer then revealed that her skin improved after introducing SPF into her beauty regimen, which is something she neglected throughout her 20s while using tanning beds.

The social media star revealed that her daily routine starts with under-eye screams and ends with SPF lotion every day.

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She also disclosed that she uses retinol to smooth out fine lines. 

“I used to be totally afraid of moisturisers because I thought I should be avoiding them with oily skin and that today not true,” she told her audience.

When it comes to make-up, the beauty influencer chooses to adopt a “less is more” approach.” 

She prioritises natural options without compromising on the looks she has always loved. For example, she has changed how she fills in her brows for a softer look. 

“In terms of make-up this kind of dark, bowl brow used to super in but now it’s not really my thing,” she explained.  “Now what I do is, I have two shades of an eyebrow pencil and I actually use a shade lighter to help fill in these front parts so you don’t get that harsh line.”

@textureandglowskin Skincare and makeup advice for younger me #skincaretips #youngerme #glowingskincare ♬ original sound – Torey

She refrains from using dark colours when applying eyeliner too, opting for a brown shadow instead to give a more natural look.

The social media star wrapped up her video by revealing other poignant lifestyle changes she has made since her 20s, which have helped improve her skin. 

“I have really changed my set and lifestyle,” she explained.”Back then I was going out a lot more and drinking so I was probably a bit puffier back then.

“I think just the fact that I have slowed down has helped a lot and helped improve my skin.”

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