Dyson fan slashed to less than half price for UK heatwave in Currys offer

With temperatures hitting 30 degrees in the UK this week, it’s never too late in the summer to invest in a fan.

The Dyson fan is an innovative cooling device with an air purifier which filters and removes pollutants to circulate fresh, clean air around the room.

With notoriously unpredictable weather, most Brits’ homes aren’t equipped with air conditioning.

With many working from home and trying to sleep comfortably in the heat, an effective fan can make hot weather much more bearable.

Dyson’s fans are an investment, but the innovative devices do have unique features that are additional to the cooling element.

Currys has slashed the DYSON Pure Cool™ Purifying Fan from £399 to £199, saving shoppers 50 percent off.

Buy: DYSON Pure Cool™ Purifying Fan (£199)

While some fans do nothing more than pushing hot air around the room, Dyson’s promises to circulate a cool breeze.

The premium fan goes beyond cooling the room though, as the purifying feature helps to clean the air.

The built-in purifier function draws in 99.95 percent of pollen, pet and pollutant particles, ensuring the air it releases is clean and fresh.

In order for the purifier to remain effective, the fan notifies users when the air filter needs to replaced.

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The fan also features the signature safe and sleek bladeless design, plus the device takes up minimal space on any surface.

With a 70-degree oscillating function, the cool air is spread smoothly and evenly to fill the space.

Despite the hefty discount, the Dyson fan is still costly, but there are plenty of affordable alternatives available on Amazon.

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