Drivers can cut petrol and diesel fuel usage by 10% by pushing common button

You could cut car fuel usage with the simple press of a button.

Experts revealed how using the hack can reduce petrol and diesel costs by an impressive 10%. So where can you find it?

You can find the recirculation button by looking for a white car with a looping arrow inside of it. It's typically found on the dashboard, right beside air conditioning controls.

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Experts at LeaseCar say the tool helps simultaneously help aircon efficiency and fuel efficiency.

Tim Alcock, spokesperson for LeaseCar.UK, told Express : “This little-known button cuts out any outside air and recirculates the air from inside the vehicle back into the AC system to cool it down again.

“Use this button on hot days to increase the air con efficiency, get the vehicle cooler more quickly, and reduce your fuel consumption.

“Filtering out the external air is a good idea if there are any unpleasant smells from other cars or your surroundings, as well as reducing pollen from coming in if you suffer from hayfever.”

As well as this, KwikFit expert Bradley Jando revealed the recirculation button can help to save a sizeable amount of fuel. Apparently, this is because the car’s compressor uses energy to run an air conditioning system.

Blasting aircon the typical way can use "as much as 10%" of energy, which is "particularly noticeable" when you are travelling for shorter journeys.

Looking for more ways to cut fuel costs? We've got you covered.

Hypermiling is not a single technique, but a collection of different driving techniques to help with cutting fuel consumption. Unlike simple fuel saving tips, hypermilers tend to go to extreme lengths to conserve fuel, even not driving at all wherever possible.

Kevin Brooker, who is one of the most successful hypermilers in the UK, shared fuel saving techniques learned on his 70 mile round trip from his home in Swansea to his job at the National Parks in Brecon, which saved him up to £50.

He shared that one of the best tips to avoid using too much fuel is to avoid harsh braking or accelerating, which can be a waste of energy, especially in conventional cars that don't have regenerative braking, that returns energy from the brakes to the battery.

Another simple but vital trick is to anticipate the flow of traffic by looking ahead. And exerts also recommend slowing down whenever reasonable to do so, as well as getting into the highest possible gear as soon as possible without labouring the engine, since low gears can burn through fuel more quickly.

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