Boyband Hanson unrecognisable as they ditch long blonde hair and boast 15 kids

Part of the boyband culture that swept the 90s and early noughties, Hanson were the sibling boyband who had hoards of fans screaming at their tour bus, hanging outside hotels and collecting magazine posters, transporting them to heartthrob status and super stardom.

It has been 26 years since their worldwide number one hit single MmmBop, during a time when fans were heading to Claire's Accessories for the latest hair scrunchies and discussing the latest Neighbours storyline, and yet they're still living in their quiet hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

America singers Isaac, now 42, Taylor, 40 and Zac, 37, released the super-catchy MMMBop in 1997 and their lives changed over night.

With long blonde hair, innocent smiles and a desire to be the next big thing, fans watched as they appeared on 90s TV classics like Top of the Pops and CD:UK with Ant and Dec, whilst singing about 'getting old' and 'losing their hair' in the song which is ironic, because that's exactly what has happened. Just not as dramatically terrible as their teen hit might have implied.

The trio of brothers have grown old gracefully and fans love their new grown-up style. Gone is the long highlighted blonde locks and in has come darker, shorter looks, complete with rugged beards, tans and a much trendier fashion taste.

Fans were over the moon, declaring on Instagram that they 'can't believe how much they've grown' and reminiscing that as a teen they were always on their radio. The trio even appeared on America's The Masked Singer, hilariously starring as Russian Dolls.

Aside from their new handsome looks, the boys who started out when they were just 16, 14 and 11 and created music magic alongside other nostalgic favourites like B*Witched's C'est La Vie and The Backstreet Boys' Quit Playin' Games, are still making music.

After three decades together on guitar, drums and microphone, the brothers released a new album last year featuring five solos each and yet continue to shun the spotlight of Hollywood or New York for their humble hometown in Oklahoma – likely the reason for their down-to-earth success and happy marriages.

Their home base is also helpful seen as all three have large families of their own now – totalling an incredible 15 children.

Although the oldest, Isaac was the last to marry in 2006 to Nicole Dufresne. The pair have three children together, sons Everett, 16 and Monroe, 15 and a daughter Odette, 9.

Middle brother Taylor has been married to his wife Natalie Bryant since 2002 and has sons Ezra, 20, River, 16, Viggo, 14, and Indiana, 4, plus daughters Penelope, 18, Wilhelmina, 10 and Maybellene, 2.

Finally, youngest brother Zac and his wife Kate Tucker – who he married in 2006 just before brother Isaac – brought their baby total to five during lockdown. They have sons shepherd, 15, Abraham, 9 and Quincy, 2, plus daughters Junia, 12 and Lucille, 6.

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