Audacious animals who almost got away with stealing their owners' food

Call the purr-lice! Cheeky cats show no remorse after being caught red-pawed stealing food

  • Wacko Jaco collected a gallery of cats (and a few dogs) pinching snacks
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Pet lovers are often guilty of spoiling their beloved furry friends with treats they are not necessarily supposed to have – but some animals take the biscuit.

Every pet owner understands the struggle of trying to eat their food while their cat or dog sniffs around, hoping to get a bite.

Similarly, it’s always risky to leave delicious snacks and meals unattended when our pets are around.

However, catching your pet in the act can have hilarious consequences with some (although not all) animals looking guilty as sin when they realise they have been rumbled. 

Wacko Jaco has collected a side-splitting gallery of greedy pets caught at the moment they attempted to pinch their owners’ food.

Hollow legs! Wacko Jaco has collated a gallery of photos of pets caught in the act stealing food from their owners. This tiny black and white kitten placed its paws on top of a milkshake to steady itself while it guzzled down the creamy drink – and didn’t even look up after it was caught

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the dogs included in the gallery appear to be riddled with guilt – whereas in contrast, the cats seem not to feel any guilt whatsoever about being caught stealing food from their humans. 

One kitten, in particular, barely looks up from its milkshake despite being caught red-pawed by its owner – and instead continues to guzzle down the creamy drink.

Here, FEMAIL takes a look at some of the cheekiest pets around the world whose efforts were scuppered – but just a little bit too late… 

You have no evidence! This cheeky cat was caught red-pawed (literally) after it had waded through what appeared to be tomato sauce and buried its face in the dish

The cat who got the yoghurt! This gorgeous brown-haired feline looks like it had a face full of Greek yoghurt – but after being caught, it just wanted to lick up the leftovers

Do you need any help finishing your dinner? This cheeky tabby tried its luck with its owner’s medium-rare steak

A noble attempt: This canine tried an impressive angle in order to try and get a look-in with its owner’s dinner 

A healthy food thief! This adorable pup was caught taking a fresh lettuce leaf straight off the chopping board in the kitchen

Worst sous chef ever: This tortoiseshell cat climbed up the drawers in the kitchen and perched on a handle to get to the butter sticks on the surface

Stealing food is tiring work! This dog appeared to be wiped out after pinching an entire tub of peanut butter 

Caught red-pawed! This shaggy dog was captured with a mouthful of burger – although its facial expression suggested it was innocent of any crime

This ginger cat is ensuring he gets in his five-a-day, making the unusual choice to try and steal Brussels sprouts from his owner’s plate

Sometimes the most effective thief is the one operating right under your nose – like this ginger tom cat, who made zero effort to hide his crime

Who can say no to that face? This adorable kitten sweetly looked up at its owner as they opened a packet of mini doughnuts

How dare you interrupt me! Not only does this feline feel no remorse for its crime, it seems furious to have been stopped mid-theft

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