A superfood shake that tastes as good as a milkshake? We'll be the judge of that

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There’s a new protein superfood meal shake that people are absolutely raving about – in fact, some even compare a glass to a delicious milkshake.

From filling them up all day to giving them apparently boundless energy, they can’t get enough – so you know we had to give it a go for ourselves. All in the name of science, obvs.

When it comes to the world of superfood smoothies, we’ve long held the belief that the greener the beverage, the more likely it is to taste like grass.

As Miranda once said in Sex and the City when the girls visited the restaurant RAW, ‘it’s like lawn in a bowl’.

Whole Supp is a superfood high-protein meal shake and this little bad boy has 13 plant-based ingredients. Its biggest proposed benefit is that it can keep you feeling energised throughout the day and offer your body some nutritional goodness.

Which, considering we’ve been relying on extra shots in our morning coffee to perk us up and then suffering a caffeine crash moments later, sounds like a good thing to us.

By the way, new customers can try the Starter Pack, which at £34.99 gives you one bag of Whole Supp, which amounts to 15 portions, a free eco-friendly shaker, a free scoop AND free shipping.

Plus, right now there’s 35% off. Which in Girls Maths, basically means you’re making money, right?

‘Without doubt the best protein powder I have taken,’ one happy shopper wrote in a review. ‘Works as a quality meal replacement or as a recovery supplement post training. Best thing about it, tastes great!’

Whole Supp Meal Shakes

Echoing similar sentiments, another wrote: ‘This is hands down the best shake out there. I’ve tried multiple brands in the past but nothing compares to Whole Supp. Both chocolate and vanilla tastes as amazing as each other and leaves me feeling energised for hours. Top class product and would recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their nutrition.’

‘I tried both the Chocolate and Vanilla Whole Supp and was pleasantly surprised at how amazing it tasted, when I added ice cubes, it was like having a milkshake,’ one wrote. ‘The chocolate tastes like actual chocolate, the same for vanilla. The texture is also very smooth. I do prefer to blend mine as I like to sometimes add other ingredients, e.g. a frozen banana.’

Alongside these glowing reviews, others shared they add a shot of coffee, and we really cannot argue with that level of multi-tasking!

The shakes – which come in a range of flavours, from chocolate or vanilla to caramel sea salt – were created by ex-professional athlete Darren O’Reilly and physiology expert Dr Brian Carson. So these guys definitely know a thing or two about refuelling the body.

Always a little sceptical with these sorts of health offerings – because they’re often too good to be true, right? – we gave the vanilla a whirl to see how it fares.

Metro’s Mel Evans says: ‘I’m a protein shake fiend and have tried many a concoction over the years. I have to say, the reviews sure are glowing for Whole Supp and as someone who is always after a more convenient way to pack protein (two scoops equals 31g of protein, which is nothing to sneeze at) and nutrients into an easy meal, I’m interested.

‘I tried the vanilla, and it certainly feels like a lot of powder is going into this drink. Shaking is key, and I’d add an extra 30 seconds onto the advised 15-second shake time. Not going to lie, the first sip was gritty, so another shake was needed in my case.

‘Taste-wise, look, it’s no milkshake, but using cold water was preferable to room temperature. You can certainly taste the vanilla, which is really nice, as it’s not overpowering, nor does it taste artificial in any way. But it does taste like health, if you know what I mean. Earthy. Honest. Which is the goal, I suppose.

‘I really didn’t think the shake would keep me full, but after downing it mid-morning for breakfast, come 2pm I still wasn’t hungry. I ate a very small lunch and that saw me through to dinner without the 3pm snack I always lunge for. So I’m going to call that a win! Bonus points go to the fact my brain fog, albeit still present in the afternoon, felt somewhat muted after having the shake.’

The shakes are also gluten-free and packed full of prebiotics, which makes them perfect to drink before or after workout. And they contain slow-release carbs so they’ll give you sustainable energy throughout the day.

We’re usually sceptical when people discuss a shake as a meal replacement option but two scoops of this powder combined with water kept our reviewer full for hours – we hazard a guess if milk entered the equation it would take things to another level.

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