You're in the top 10% if you can spot the odd monkey emoji in the group in 10 seconds or less | The Sun

A TRICKY mind-bender has put even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers to the test.

Can you spot the odd monkey emoji in the group?

Callum Barrett (@cloutatlas) has garnered over 534,000 followers on TikTok, where he shares baffling optical illusions.

He took to the social media platform to share a challenge that puts observation skills to the ultimate test.

The ability to pay extreme attention to detail is necessary to successfully spot the odd monkey in the group.

Callum said: “You have 10 seconds to spot the odd emoji out. 

“This is a test to determine how fast you can process visual data in your brain and analyze the information before the time runs out.”

You may be in the top percent of puzzlers if you can solve the brainteaser within the time given.

Callum revealed those who lack the ability to focus on visuals have failed the challenge.

He said: “Some might find this really fast and some might have a little trouble.”

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The video has gone viral with over 59,000 views and hundreds of comments from people admitting they’ve struggled to spot the odd emoji.

Do you think you’ve found the odd monkey emoji?

At first glance, the monkeys all appear to be making the same gesture and have the same facial expression.

It also appears that they are the same color and size.

Here’s a hint: Try taking a closer look at the monkeys' tails.

If you still can’t spot the odd monkey emoji in the group scroll down for the solution.

The mind-boggling test comes after another TikToker put observation skills to the test with a similar seek-and-fine challenge.

Ella (@.minton) tasked puzzlers with spotting the cat hiding in her living room among geometric prints.

She danced in the middle of the video to distract viewers as they attempted to find the feline.

Can you solve the challenge in less than nine seconds?

Anyone who doesn’t have a 20/20 vision has struggled to spot the cat before the time runs out.

One person commented: “I’ve been searching for so long and cannot find this cat.”

Another chimed in: “I can’t find the cat.”

Here’s a clue: If you’re struggling to spot the cat take a closer look at the patterns on the rug. 

If you still can’t find the feline, scroll down for the solution below.

A third optical illusion was posted on Instagram by a user posting under the handle

Can you spot the cat hiding in plain sight?

The mischievous moggy can be easily missed as the eyes are drawn to the cactus in the center of the image.

The cat must be spotted in under 15 seconds for players to be considered in the top 10 percent of puzzlers.

Set a timer and share the brainteaser with others to compete for the quickest time.

Many people have admitted they were stumped by the viral challenge. 

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Here’s a hint: Not everything is as it seems in the blurred background.

If you still can’t spot the cat hidden among the flowering cactus plants scroll down for the solution.

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