Primary school teacher ‘furious’ at changing 6-year-old’s nappy because ‘middle-class mum too busy’ to potty train child | The Sun

A FRUSTRATED primary school teacher has hit out at "busy" middle class mums after she was expected to change a six-year-old's nappy.

The woman explained how one of the mums where she works forgot to drop off her son's spare set of clothes and nappies.

Dashing off to grab them, she reassured the teacher she'd be back within an hour, but 90 minutes passed and there was still no sign of her.

During this time, the little boy, who was six, told the teacher he'd wet himself.

"When I called to ask where they were (by this time, the poor boy had whispered to me that he’d wet himself), her response was depressingly, yet predictably, negative: ‘I don’t have time! He’s at school so it’s your problem now,’ she recalls, as reported by Daily Mail.

However, the teacher, who points out the boy was six and not a toddler, has told how she strongly disagrees – adding that nappy-changing isn't in her job description.



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She goes on to say that parents sending their kids to school without teaching him how to use the loo is actually more common amongst "affluent families" than people would think.

"Indeed, it’s so common that in my school in a well-to-do middle-class town in the south of England, where I teach children aged four to six, we have a bank of spare clothes and underwear, along with nappies, wipes and lotions, on the fully equipped changing station (all of which comes out of the school budget)," she says.


The teacher, who has been in her job for 11 years, adds that almost every day she has to look after children aged 4-7 who haven't yet been toilet trained by their parents.

She points out that on this occasion, the teaching assistant had to go to the local supermarket to buy the correct size nappies for the six-year-old, who was left embarrassed by the whole scenario.

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The infuriated woman told how that's why she's been left horrified by mum-of-four Shona Sibary’s recent revelation that she sent her four-year-old daughter to school without proper potty-training.

She claimed she focused on her work instead.

Shona's comments were in response to MP Miriam Cates, who blamed the increase in working women for the rise in children going to school in nappies.

She claimed that mothers were "leaving their small children in day care" due to the "GDP-obsessed economic system" because they're expected to return to work.

She said that as a result, there were a "number of young children who start schooling in the UK still wearing nappies", the Telegraph reports.

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