My salad tastes like a McDonald's Big Mac and helped me lose 88 lbs, it’s so big I eat it straight out of a mixing bowl | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic has revealed how she curbed her McDonald's craving while still eating healthy.

The TikToker, who lost 88 pounds, shared her go-to salad that tastes like a Big Mac.

In her video, Jo Wuensche (@jowuensche) showed her viewers how to make a "healthy McDonald's Big Mac salad."

For her first step, Jo washed and chopped up some iceberg lettuce and placed it in a salad bowl.

"You guys know I love high-volume low-calorie, look how much volume this already has," she said.

Jo then revealed the ingredients of her homemade healthy Big Mac sauce.

"Mustard, pickle juice, light mayonnaise, and low-calorie ketchup, mixing them all together tastes exactly like the Big Mac sauce," she told viewers.

Next, Jo fried up some minced beef to create the burger taste in the salad.

"Chop up an onion, put half of it in your lettuce and half of it in your minced beef," she advised her followers.

As the meat cooked, she added pickles to her salad, using about a quarter of a jar.

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"I’m just going to pop [the meat and onions] into my salad bowl," she explained.

For her final step, Jo drizzled her homemade sauce all over the salad and began to eat it straight out of the mixing bowl.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the recipe.

"Tried a version of this salad and I really love it. Thank you!" wrote one viewer.

Another impressed follower commented that the salad "looks really good."

"Keep it up, your healthy eating habits really show on your vibrant and gorgeous face," said a third person.

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