My boyfriend is a vampire and Im a witch – he doesnt drink blood anymore but thousands beg for him to feed off of them

A REAL-LIFE vampire and his witch partner don’t just embrace their dark sides on Halloween.

For them, feedings are a year-round activity โ€” and though she loves magic and he avoids sunlight, they insist not every myth that pops up in vampire lore is true.

Author, musician, actor, and filmmaker Jack Townson, 36, and his partner, novelist and content creator Shayne Townson, 33, truly keep the magic alive, with Jack living as a vampire and Shayne as a witch.


Speaking to The U.S. Sun, Jack insisted that readers and TV buffs shouldn’t believe everything about the supernatural that they’ve seen in pop culture.

“Many of these things are just myths or fictionally crafted,” he said.

“There are few things that are accurate, just not exactly.

“I don’t walk out into the sunlight and burst into flames. I’m nothing like that โ€” but does sunlight make me destabilized or tired or weak? Or get me sick? Absolutely.

“Do I have a little aversion to garlic? A little bit. Yes, there are some intolerances there, but it could just be me,” he added.

In nearly all modern vampire lore, these creatures of the night are immortal โ€” piercing stakes notwithstanding โ€” but Jack says that’s not true in real life.

He revealed that a vampire’s lifespan is much like any other living creature’s, but they do “live forever” in another way.

“Are we immortal? Absolutely not. We are not immortal,” he said, setting the record straight.

“Do we have a belief in a reincarnation spiritual view?

“Yes, we absolutely do have the belief that we have lived many different lifetimes for a very, very long time, to the point that many of us remember our past lives or pieces of our past lives,” he added.

When it comes to bedtime, the couple revealed they sleep in a king-size bed just like any mortal would.

“I don’t sleep in a coffin and I never have,” Jack said. “But I would welcome it if there was an aesthetically pleasing one.”


So garlic is off the table, but what about blood? If you were to pass Jack on the street, there’d be no need to run or protect your neck.

When it comes to the feeding habits of fictional vampires, he’s less Dracula and Lestat de Lioncourt, more Edward Cullen and Angel.

He passes on O positive in favor of prana energy, an Eastern concept of life force energy that every living creature possesses.

“Once upon a yesteryear, I did partake in sanguine energies,” he admitted.

“But over time, with the lack of being able to get it consistently โ€” but also honestly, the health risks โ€” it’s not much.”

He prefers to work with “psychic energies” and “techniques that are created by greater minds.”

The couple even adopted a vegan diet for spiritual reasons.

“I think, especially being a vampire, you are so much more in tune with energy in general,” he said.

“I mean, it’s what’s what we need. We need to take that energy from external sources.

“And because of that, we become more empathetic. We can feel others’ emotions much more clearly.

“I think feeding your body with whole foods also helps to heighten your psychic awareness and your energy at work, too,” Shayne added.

Jack began quenching his thirst for psychic energy on a larger scale on TikTok live, where he sometimes garners over a thousand viewers asking to be fed on.

“One thing that I started to do, with permission from other members of the vampire community is once-a-week, live mass feedings, consensual feedings with the audience through livestream.”

Viewers of his broadcasts often express that they’ve felt alleviated from various uncomfortable conditions, from anxiety to back aches.

“Now there are people that come back specifically only for feedings,” Shayne chimed in.

The pair announced a Halloween 2023 live feeding on TikTok, to begin at 10 pm Eastern Time.


When it comes to feeding between the two without a TikTok audience present, the practice can get more intimate.

“When [Shayne and I] do the feeding it is a ritual, it is candle lit, incense burning, sitting in front of an altar type of ritual, which is not as dark as it sounds,” Jack said.

“There’s different forms of feeding, like psychically and physically as well. One of those ways is tantric energy and getting that feeding tantrically,” Shayne said.

“So you can imagine what that is. It’s spicy time. It doesn’t always have to do with sex, though.

“It also has to do with intimacy, closeness, and romance. So even if it’s not inherently sexual, it could still just be the fact that we’re intimate and I count that as a ritual. I absolutely do.

“And then the witchcraft perspective โ€” there are things that we do together to heighten manifestations,” she added.


Jack, who authored a book based on his experiences, revealed that he realized he was different from a very young age.

“My identity as a vampire, spiritually and otherwise, actually started when I was a kid,” he said.

“I was seven years old when I had what we like to call the vampire community our ‘vampiric awakening.’”

The awakening included psychic moments, past-life memories, and paranormal experiences.

It was also inspired by a lack of accurate depictions of vampires in pop culture.

“When it comes to vampire pop culture versus vampire reality, there aren’t many books about the reality,” Jack said.

“Because when you talk about what this is, and most of the time people think, ‘Oh, that’s not as glamorous as I thought it was.’

“So there’s a lot of vampire media out there that’s all heightened and brought from more dramatic plays to be more entertaining, which is just the way that it goes,” he added.


Shayne’s journey into witchcraft awakened recently with the help of her other half.

“I knew that I was really good a manifestation. I knew that I loved magic,” she said.

“I loved the idea of the occult and studying different things, but I never really officially started learning or practicing until recently.

“And that is because of my relationship with Jack, our dynamic, and the way that his very specific energy and magic works with mine.

“So it just seemed like a very natural progression and it seemed like something that I was supposed to do this whole time.

“I was just in denial about it, saying like: ‘No, this is not what I’m supposed to be doing,’ but it definitely is,” she added.


The pair met on TikTok after a few video duets, kindling a romantic spark.

“[Shayne] started to use my videos as placeholders for characters and stuff like that, duets,” Jack said.

“And I actually came upon one of those duets and saw her acting with me and I was like: ‘Oh, hi.’ As I always do.

“And she goes: ‘Caught. I have been caught.’ And that actually started us talking little by little.

“We ended up ending up in the same friend group, and it wasn’t exactly sliding into each other’s DMs, but things happen naturally over time,” he added.

Shayne said: “We had so many things in common and so many weird synchronicities with each other that we both just kind of looked at each other and were like: ‘Are you getting the same thing?’

“And I was like: ‘OK, I think you’re my person.’”


Despite their appearance as a wholesome couple, Shayne and Jack have had their fair share of haters who label them as wicked and immoral.

Jack candidly shared that the comments calling the couple “evil” used to bother him, but don’t anymore.

“As I began to educate myself and read about the true history, I started to realize that one person’s evil is another person’s good,” he said.

“It’s not as black or white as people think. That’s not how it goes. For example, the idea of taking somebody’s energy in the first place is viewed as an extremely evil and dark thing.

“But the truth of the matter is that there are there are benefits. It helps.

“It can heal leaky chakra points and heal different mental ailments. Not heal, but at least help. It can remove blockages. There are so many benefits to that.

“And so really, if there are benefits, can that be evil? Is that evil? And on top of that is the idea of something being dark, truly considered evil? Or is it just dark?” he added.

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