My arthritis was so bad I couldn't walk, now I'm a bodybuilder in my 40s and eat 6 times a day – success is all on you | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL bodybuilder has revealed how she achieved her muscular physique while juggling her career, family life, and battling health issues.

Anahi F Rosales (@iamacoolmomduh) looks almost unrecognizable after transforming her body to earn a highly coveted IFBB pro card in the figure division.

She boasts over 598,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares her grueling gym workouts as well as funny moments with her husband and son.

She took to the social media platform showing how her physique looked before she became a bodybuilder and what it took to achieve her enviable structure.

“It’s on YOU to get YOU where YOU want to be,” read the text over the video.  

Anahi had a visibly fuller frame before overhauling her lifestyle and no visible abs.

She now has capped shoulders and definition in her legs.

The mom gave a glimpse into how she sculpted her body with a gym work out that included back extensions, angled leg presses, and three variations of squats.

She donned a black cropped T-shirt and shorts for the intensive leg workout. 

The text continued: “I’m a 40-year-old IFBB Pro (professional bodybuilder).

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“I’ve been lifting heavy for four years now. I weight train five to six days a week and do cardio four days a week.

“I make sure I eat five to six times a day and every meal contains no less than 25g of protein.

“I have a bad back due to scoliosis and arthritis. There was a time when I couldn’t walk for days due to back pain.

“Strengthening my body has done wonders for my back!

“I also suffer from depression and anxiety as a result of PTSD. There are times I am literally in tears while working out.

“The gym has become a major form of therapy for me. 

“My point is… you are your own limitation. You are where you are because it’s all that you have allowed yourself to be.

“Choices are at the root of every one of your results. In essence, you make your choices and then your choices make you.

“Choose your success story. Choose your hopes. Choose your dreams. Choose you always.”

Anahi promoted her online coaching services in the caption of the post and encouraged people to follow her on Instagram.

She included the hashtags #probodybuilder, #personaltrainer, weightlosstips, and #fatlosstransformation. 

The post racked up thousands of views and likes with people admitting they felt inspired by her story.

One person commented: “Ughh I’m disappointed in myself, you’ve motivated me – let’s do it!”

Another wrote: “I’m 50 and this has been something I think about all the time, that I’ve never done!

“This is so motivating! Thank you.”

A third penned: “Thank you for sharing… I needed to hear this.”

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A fourth chimed in: “Gorgeous both ways but I have so much admiration for the dedication you’ve put in!”

Another added: “Stunning, you push me to do better.”

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