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A FORMER Charlotte Tilbury employee has revealed some things that she'd never do since working on a makeup counter for six years.

Beauty whizz Maggie, from the UK, explained how she's "seen some stuff" that has left her stomach-churning during her time at work.

In the clip shared to TikTok (@maggieanne.n), she begins by explaining why she'd never use a tester directly from the product.

"One time I was standing on the counter and no word of a lie, I saw this lady come up to the counter and she had a big fat cold sore on her lip," she explains.

"Absolutely nothing wrong with having a cold sore – most people get them from time to time.

"The problem is with cold sores, and most people I feel like know this, they are highly contagious.



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"Please tell me why this lady comes, walks in over, takes a lip gloss from the tester stand, and literally just opens it and puts it on her lips."

Maggie points out that the customer was too quick that she didn't have time to do anything to stop it.


"She literally was there, looking in the mirror, like smooshing it all around…and I was thinking, 'girl, do you not care that you might be passing that on to others?'

"Some people, honestly. Really?"

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The makeup whizz goes on to say that she rushed straight over to the lip gloss but asked social media followers to think what would've happened if she hadn't seen it.

"That would've passed on a cold sore to anyone else that used that lip gloss, even if you you would've used a separate applicator that we used to give customers," she says.

"So, yeah, just a little word of advice, if you ever want to try something on a makeup counter, make sure you're using the disposable applicators."

Maggie notes that the next thing she wouldn't do is to attend a makeup appointment wearing a full face of makeup.

"Personally, I wouldn't go wearing any makeup," she explains.

"The reason being, when you get your makeup done at a counter, the makeup artist is always under a time crunch.

"We usually get between one hour and one hour and 15 to do a full face of makeup, and even though that sounds like a long time, I promise you, it's not."

The makeup pro continues: "When you have to spend 10 to 15 minutes taking someone's makeup off, that is obviously gonna eat in to the appointment time.

"This means you're going to have less time to reapply the makeup, which means that your makeup probably isn't going to turn out as good as if you came in with no makeup on at all."

And Maggie isn't the only person to share her makeup secrets in recent weeks.

A makeup whizz named Rosie took to TikTok and shared the little-known Charlotte Tilbury hack that could save you money on your next purchase.

"You need to stop buying a brand new Charlotte Tilbury powder every time it runs out," she says.

"Instead, you can simply just buy a new refill."

She can then be seen holding up her old Charlotte Tilbury powder to the camera.

Grabbing a bobby pin, she pops it through the hole in the back, releasing the pan out.

"It's so easy and it's not messy at all," she explains.

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"Then I'm going in with her brand new powder and just popping it right back into the old pan.

"It's so easy, effective and way cheaper as well – now I never knew you could do this so it's changed my life!"

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