I went to Turkey to get a nose job and it was the best decision I ever made – I look like a completely different person | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has confessed she jetted off to Turkey for a £5,000 nose job and people say she looks like a completely different person. 

The cosmetic fan revealed she went to Turkey for her rhinoplasty on a whim but confessed her nose was something she has always been insecure about. 

Jessica Cromartie shared some snaps of her before and after photos in a TikTok video online. 

The beauty fan described it as "the best decision ever".

Jessica said initially she hadn’t planned to reveal she had gotten the surgery, but her followers kept commenting on how different she looked. 

She said: “I actually never planned on sharing this publicly on social media but since so many people have been commenting on it I figured I might as well address it.”

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Jessica said: “I never hated my nose, I’ve always been really confident but I always thought my nose was a little big for my face and it just always bothered me.”

“It wasn't a major insecurity, I could have kept it and lived with it but I am so happy and satisfied.”

“My only regret is not doing it sooner.”

Jessica said she spent around nine nights in total in Turkey before she flew back home to the US to continue her recovery. 

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She admitted: “The pain level wasn’t too bad. I felt the most pain when I got out of surgery, where the incisions were and that pain was like a 7/10.”

Surprisingly Jessica said the worst part of the recovery wasn’t even the pain. 


She said: “The worst part about recovering wasn't the pain but it was just the discomfort.”

“It felt so uncomfortable having those tampons up there and not being able to breathe.”

All in all Jessica said she was really pleased with the treatment she received. 

She said: “Overall I’m so happy with my experience, I felt really good with the treatment and care in Turkey.”

Now Jessica is two months into her recovery but she will need to wait for at least a year to see her nose fully settled. 

She said: “The next few months it will be changing and getting better over time.”

Jessica’s video has been watched over 333,000 times but viewers were debating whether or not they thought the beauty fan even needed the surgery. 


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One user said: “It looks so good already, it’s going to heal so perfectly.”

Another said: “I honestly don’t think you needed it. Looks good either way.”

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