I sleep in a rooftop tent with my baby and toddler – my husband has to carry our dog up, it’s a struggle without a ramp | The Sun

AN outdoorsy woman has sparked a frenzy for rooftop tents despite admitting that they can be challenging to use when camping with pets.

Hailey (@hailyoutside) bought a new four-person tent ahead of a camping trip with her husband, two children, and their dog. 

She has racked up over 500,000 followers on TikTok where she shares her hiking and camping adventures.

She took to the social media platform with a tour of their new rooftop tent while asking for suggestions on how to make it easier to get their dog inside.

Hailey climbed up a ladder to get into the tent that had been set up on the roof of their 4X4 vehicle. 

“Come take a tour of our new four-person rooftop tent,” she said.

Sitting in the center of the tent, she continued: “Back here is where my toddler slept, and at his feet was my dog.

“I had him on this synthetic blanket that we could just throw over him to keep him warm and our tent clean.

“Both of our kids sleep in the Morrison outdoor sleeping bags.”

Pointing towards the middle of the tent, she said: “My husband was right here next to our toddler and our baby who’s 18 months old was right here.

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“Then I was on the end closest to the ladder.

“We had our Jackery power station which was great, we plugged our phone in for a sound machine. 

“In the side pockets we had headlamps, our extra sound machine."

Pointing at the opposite side of the tent, she continued: "On this side, we had our car keys, Logan’s Kindle, my headphones.

“We also had the kids’ Yoto player that they were listening to to wind down while we were getting ready for bed.

“In the corners, we had the kids’ water, our water, diapers, and wipes. 

“Underneath us, I had blankets just because the mattress material is a little loud, so it just kept it a little more quiet.

“I’m a big fan of our rooftop tent.”

She captioned the post: “Family camping trips just got 10x better.

“Now we just need to figure out a better solution to get our dog up.”

She included the hashtags #rooftoptent, #travelfamily, and #campingwithkids.

Despite the challenges of her husband having to carry their kids and the dog up the ladder to get them into the tent, the video left viewers inspired.

“My husband carried him! It was tough honestly, we need a ramp,” Hailey said speaking about their dog.

She revealed their Large Thule Approach tent cost around $3,000.



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They cook their food away from camp to deter bears and use a sound machine to avoid other campers disturbing their kids.

She added that they stop drinking water a couple of hours before they go to sleep to avoid needing the toilet during the night.

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