I let my daughter, six, have a day off school every month to go shopping – I’m trolled but it’s worth it for the fun | The Sun

A MUM has revealed she lets her daughter, six, take an extra day off school each month, even though she's not sick.

The move has left other parents divided, with some saying it's actually a good thing to take more time off for fun and others slamming the mum for interrupting her education.

Her daughter, Giada, can look forward to doing any fun activity she likes on her extra day off, including shopping, snacking on candy floss and playing with toys.

Noella Palmento, from the US, revealed her controversial parenting technique on TikTok.

"I told my daughter she can pick one day each month to stay home from school without being sick," the text over the social media clip reads.

Parents praised Noella for letting Giada take what many are calling a 'mental health day'.



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But not everyone was so sure it was a good idea to let her miss school if she's not unwell.

"One every month is a little wild just because she'll expect it as she gets older, but I grew up knowing I could ask for a mental health day whenever I needed," one person commented on the post.

But the mum said that wouldn't be an issue, since she has no plans to stop Giada from taking the extra day as she gets older too.

"I'm a teacher and I'm not even mad about it. Especially if she's so little!

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"Mental health days are super important and let kids be kids," someone commented.

Another agreed: "My mum did this whenever I would get so overwhelmed with school and I'm honestly so thankful for that."

Meanwhile, other parents were concerned about the school's attendance policy.

"Make sure you double check attendance policy for how many days you can miss, my niece got held back," one warned.

And a second wrote: "Why not just do this on the weekend?!

But Noella noted that she doesn't need to give the school any kind of explanation or excuse.

"I don't gotta say nothing, I'm paying to send my daughter to school she doesn't go to public school," she quipped.

Apart from the odd troll, the reaction to Noella's parenting rule had a pretty positive reaction.

Some even said they'd start doing the same thing with their kids, but maybe not as often.



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One said: "That’s so smart I'm totally doing this with my future kids."

"I love this and it's not hurting anyone, you go mom," another raved.

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